46.443.962 Ana Paula dos Santos Moreira Goiania

Ana Paula dos Santos Moreira, identified by her CPF number 46.443.962, has emerged as an inspirational figure and successful entrepreneur in the city of Goiânia, Brazil. Despite facing challenges, her journey demonstrates remarkable determination and business acumen. This comprehensive guide explores Moreira’s background, entrepreneurial journey, business ventures, impact on the community, and what lessons can be learned from her perseverance.

Overview of Ana Paula dos Santos Moreira

Ana Paula dos Santos Moreira was born and raised in Goiânia, the capital and largest city in the state of Goiás, Brazil. She dreamt of becoming an entrepreneur from a young age and pursued business administration studies at university while working part-time jobs.

After graduation, she began her entrepreneurial journey by starting a small retail store selling children’s products in 2006. Through hard work and strategic business decisions, she successfully grew her company over the next decade despite Brazil’s economic challenges.

Today, Moreira owns several businesses in Goiânia spanning retail, food and beverage, training, and technology. She is admired for her leadership, social conscience and mentorship initiatives aimed at empowering other budding entrepreneurs, especially women.

Launching Her First Venture in Retail

Moreira’s first business venture was Chokomel Kids e Teens, a children’s clothing and accessories retail store she founded in 2006 at age 29.

With an initial investment of just BRL 6,000 borrowed from her mother and sister-in-law, she opened a small storefront in downtown Goiânia. Moreira took a hands-on approach – purchasing inventory, overseeing store design, accounting, customer service and more.

Through smart buying, effective promotions and a loyalty program, Chokomel Kids grew its customer base steadily despite rivals with deeper pockets. This experience laid the entrepreneurial foundation for bigger future success.

Multi-Faceted Expansion Across Industries

Over the next decade, Moreira strategically expanded into other ventures:

Bella Goiânia Spa – Opened in 2013, this day spa offers massage therapy, skincare, nails, waxing and other wellness services.

Empório das Flores Restaurant – Launched in 2015, her restaurant serves contemporary Brazilian cuisine in a charming antique-filled space.

Sabor das Pedras Training Center – Established in 2018, this facility provides professional development courses in hospitality, customer service, administration and more.

Agape Technologies – Her IT company focuses on developing solutions for small businesses, including inventory management, CRM, and POS systems.

Moreira adeptly identified opportunities in these industries, leveraged contacts and experience from her retail business, and filled niche markets. Today her ventures collectively employ over 60 people.

Contributions to the Community and Social Causes

In addition to generating economic opportunities through her businesses, Moreira is passionate about social impact initiatives. Her notable efforts include:

  • Young Entrepreneurs Scholarship Program – Sponsoring workshops and financial aid for youth starting businesses.
  • Women in Business Network – Founding a support network for women entrepreneurs that helped over 200 members.
  • School Partnerships – Leading drives for clothing/supplies donations and volunteering for public schools.
  • Sponsoring Artists – Promoting local artists by showcasing their work at her restaurant.
  • Environmental Sustainability – Implementing recycling, energy efficiency, and other green policies across her companies.

By giving back to Goiânia, Moreira helps create a more inclusive and supportive environment for budding entrepreneurs.

Lessons Learned from Her Journey

Ana Paula dos Santos Moreira’s entrepreneurial journey holds invaluable lessons for aspiring business owners:

  • Start small and reinvest revenues to fuel sustainable growth. Don’t get overleveraged.
  • Build a loyal customer base through top-notch service rather than simply competing on price.
  • Consider expanding into diverse, complementary industries once you’ve succeeded in one sector.
  • Hire employees with care and invest in their professional development.
  • Give back to the community and work with peers – a rising tide lifts all boats.
  • Tackle problems creatively and see setbacks as opportunities rather than failures.
  • Maintain resilience, high ethical standards and passion for your craft.

By following this blueprint that combines business savvy with social conscience, Moreira has become an inspiration across Goiânia.


Through vision and grit, Ana Paula dos Santos Moreira has grown from a young retailer to a multi-venture entrepreneur and community leader. Her willingness to take calculated risks, build strategic partnerships and reinvent herself across industries make her story compelling.

Moreira exemplifies how embracing both business and social objectives can drive success as an entrepreneur. By continuing to create economic and community value, while empowering others, her positive influence on Goiânia will endure for years to come.

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