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43.760.146/0001-48 LTDA EFAE, also known as Escola de Formação em Advocacia Empresarial (EFAE), is a prominent business law training institution based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a limited liability company (LTDA) focused on advancing legal education, EFAE plays an important role in shaping Brazil’s legal landscape. This guide takes a comprehensive look at EFAE’s mission, history, programs, faculty, campus, and overall impact.

Overview of Escola de Formação em Advocacia Empresarial (EFAE)

EFAE was founded in 2021 as a practical legal training school tailored specifically for business lawyers in Brazil. Its mission is to provide attorneys, law students, and legal teams with intensive practical training to prepare them for the realities of advising corporate clients.

The school offers specialized business law programs and workshops focused on developing practical legal skills beyond traditional legal theory education. Its courses leverage real-world case studies, simulated exercises, and hands-on learning techniques.

In just two years, EFAE has become one of Brazil’s most prominent business law training institutions thanks to its innovative teaching methods and robust curriculum. It continues expanding course offerings across key legal practice areas.

Key Programs and Courses at EFAE

EFAE provides a wide range of intensive short courses and certificate programs focused on building core legal competencies, including:

  • Corporate Law Practice – Contract drafting, M&A transactions, corporate governance
  • Commercial Litigation – Dispute resolution, arbitration, trial advocacy
  • Labor Law – HR compliance, employment agreements, executive compensation
  • Tax Law – Corporate tax strategy, international tax planning, transfer pricing
  • Regulatory Compliance – Data privacy, anti-corruption, ESG regulations
  • Legal Research & Writing – Memoranda drafting, client communications, oral advocacy

These targeted programs delivered through in-person and online formats give lawyers specialized knowledge they can immediately apply in practice. EFAE also offers custom corporate training programs.

Renowned Faculty Comprised of Top Legal Experts

EFAE’s faculty is comprised of over 150 of Brazil’s most respected legal experts across various specialties. Instructors include senior partners at top Brazilian law firms, in-house counsel at major corporations, seasoned litigators, transactional attorneys, government regulators, and law professors.

This unparalleled faculty provides students with insider perspectives on navigating Brazil’s complex business legal landscape. Their extensive practice experience coupled with EFAE’s interactive teaching methodology ensures students gain practical legal skills.

State-of-the-Art Facility in Rio de Janeiro

43.760.146-0001-48 LTDA EFAE - Rio de Janeiro

EFAE’s main campus is located in Rio de Janeiro’s Jacarepaguá district, conveniently situated near major highways, law firms, and courts. The modern 4-story facility contains classrooms, study areas, dining options, and advanced technology resources.

Unique features include mock trial rooms with integrated AV equipment to simulate courtroom litigation, negotiation suites for deal-making exercises, and computer labs for drafting transaction documents. The campus environment facilitates collaborative learning.

Impact on Brazil’s Legal Community

Since its founding, EFAE has made major contributions to strengthening Brazil’s legal community, including:

  • Training over 5,000 business lawyers through short courses and programs
  • Producing over 300 hours of online legal education content accessed by 50,000+ users
  • Partnering with 100+ top Brazilian law firms and legal departments to train their attorneys
  • Hosting major legal conferences and workshops attended by 3,000+ lawyers
  • Developing a strong alumni network now represented across Brazil’s legal sector

With demand growing rapidly for its real-world legal training, EFAE is cementing its position as a leader in practical legal education in Brazil. It exemplifies how focused supplementary training beyond law school and examinations can equip lawyers to better serve clients in today’s complex business environment.

Why EFAE’s Approach is Impactful

EFAE’s success demonstrates the advantages of experiential learning in legal education, compared to purely theoretical instruction. Key benefits include:

  • Developing legal skills directly applicable in practice, from negotiating deals to arguing appeals
  • Hands-on experience with legal tasks through real-world case studies and role-play scenarios
  • Learning from seasoned legal practitioners with years of insight
  • Building a strong professional network
  • Customizing training to a lawyer’s practice area needs
  • Sharpening collaboration skills critical for legal teams
  • Gaining knowledge of the latest legal industry trends
  • Closing skill gaps between academic and practical legal work

By taking this skills-focused approach, EFAE has shown how supplementing traditional legal education can better prepare lawyers for success throughout their careers.


In just a few years, 43.760.146/0001-48 LTDA EFAE has ascended to become one of Brazil’s preeminent advanced business law training institutes. Its array of highly practical certificate programs, distinguished faculty, state-of-the-art campus, and mission of strengthening legal skills has impacted thousands of lawyers across the country. With the legal profession growing more complex each day, EFAE’s role as a leader in practical legal education will only continue rising in importance.

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