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Want to Write for us? Make Sure to Implement This

Guest blogging means uploading an article to another person’s blog and is a perfect way to communicate with other authors while also introducing the work to a broader audience. Most people with experience in freelance writing would point to guest blogging as a great starting point for building the base of your portfolio.

Here are five tips below on how to successfully launch a guest post idea:

1. Genuinely Connecting With People

Firstly, genuinely connecting with and supporting people that you would like to potentially guest post for. The best adventures that you are going to have as a blogger is by making those genuine connections with people, hey, I loved your blog post because of XYZ, it resonated with me because I went through, you know, whatever in my life and your blog post made a difference. Hey, if you’re interested, we are in the same category. And I would love to write a piece for you. That is a much more enticing letter to receive as a busy blogger. 

2. Pitch

Write a pitch of some kind, and make it very professional. So it’s easy to just send somebody a quick tweet or something and say, Hey, I’d love to guest post on your blog. But the things that stand out too are when the company receives letters or emails, rather, they are not getting snail mail letters, and emails from people that are just very professional and come across, you know, very respectfully, everything is spelled correctly. And there are no grammar errors. Those are the little things that matter to the company. Because if you’re asking to post on their blog, where all my readers are going to see it, they want to see that you mean business.

3. Proposal For Our Idea

Write a proposal of your idea in your pitch. The company will really love it when they receive some semblance of an idea of what it is you’d like to write to them.it’s important to say, Hey, I would like to write about XYZ. And here’s why I feel like I could write about that I’ve got this great experience that could really, elaborate on the issue or the topic or whatever, you know, just kind of give them an idea of what it is you have in mind. Because if you intrigue them, then they’re more likely to accept your request to post on their blog. 

4. Gratitude 

Always thank them for their time after you have emailed them and requested a guest post. You never know what’s going on in their personal or business lives. So don’t take it personally if they say no, just find somebody else. And try again.