How to Create a Separate Shared Calendar in Outlook

Sharing an Outlook calendar has become the new norm for most businesses today. This increases communication within various sectors in the business, hence promoting productivity. Calendars are created and shared between different parties both inside and outside the business, each with an agenda of parsing information. 

How to create a separate shared calendar in Outlook seems to be the question most businesses are asking today. Well, in this article, we are going to look at the steps involved and make it easier for anyone to understand the process. With that said, here is how to create a separate shared calendar in Outlook calendar and so much more. 

The First Step Is to Open Outlook on Your Screen 

The first step on how to create an office calendar in Outlook is to start by opening your Outlook page, which is on the navigation bar at the top of your screen. Once you are there, you will click on the home page, which will automatically bring you to the next step, which is opening and creating a new calendar. 

The Second Step to Create a New Calendar 

When searching for how to create a separate shared calendar in outlook, you can simply create one by selecting the button to create a new calendar right on top of your screen. At this point, you will have to give your calendar a name. You can give the name of either a department or an event you are planning. It just depends on what you want to share. 

Save the Calendar 

The final step on how to create a separate shared calendar in Outlook is to save your calendar and click “okay.” Before you do that, it’s best if you go through and ensure that you have followed the right procedure and entered all of the required details. 

How to Share the Calendar with Others 

Now that you have figured out how to create and share a calendar in Outlook 2016, it’s high time you knew how to share it. These are the steps involved. 

  • Open outlook – On top of your screen, you are going to start by opening the Outlook calendar, which will automatically take you to the calendar you created. 
  • Select the calendar you created – You can do that by simply right-clicking and selecting the share button to enable you to share the calendar with interested parties. 
  • Click on the add button – At this point, you want to select the add button and enter the names of those you would like to share the calendar with. Click on the enter button and select the names of the individuals that appear on the dialog window. It’s just as simple as that and you are fully aware of how to create a calendar on Outlook. 
  • Finally, end by clicking on the send button – The final step on how to create a separate shared calendar in Outlook is checking whether you have entered all the information correctly and click on the send button. Those you share to can view the calendar once they accept the invitation link sent to them.  


Still wondering how to create a separate shared calendar in Outlook? Well, you can simply do so by following the steps in the article described above. By doing so, you can easily share separate calendars with different people within and outside the origination, hence improving communication and productivity. 

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