Letterkenny- Introduction

Letterkenny is a sitcom that was broadcasted initially as a web series on youtube and later also on The Comedy Network. It is a Canadian TV series based on the residents of Letterkenny which is a small rural area in Ontario, Canada. This series was created, developed, and written by Jared Keeso along with Jacob Tierney, Jonathan Torrens, Jesse Mckeown, Trevor Risk, and others. It was directed by Jacob Tierney and comprises 8 seasons with 54 episodes in total ( till now ). The main cast of the show includes Nathan Dales, Michelle Mylett, Jared Keeso, K. Trevor Wilson, and various others. The opening theme of the series is “Who needs a girl like you” by Indian Wars. The producer of this show is Kara Haflidson and it was shot in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada.

The running time of the show is approximately 19 to 30 minutes. It was the first original series broadcasted by Crave and premiered on 7th February in 2016. 



The series originally revolves around a small community in Canada living in the rural area of Letterkenny. At the beginning of most of the episodes, it was stated that about 5000 people are living in Letterkenny and their problems are as follows. The show introduces two siblings who run a small farm with the help of their friends. It also focuses on two ice hockey players who are best friends and are often involved in an on-off polyamorous relationship with one of the above-mentioned siblings i.e Katy. Most of the episodes showcase the problems of people living in the locality and how they deal with their issues. Throughout the series, one thing that remains consistent is the ability of most of the characters to think quickly and to make assumptions while coming up with puns and wordplays. Most of the jokes and the humor element of the show are based on this part of the plot.

Cast and Characters 

  • Jared Keeso as one of the siblings Wayne
  • Nathan Dales plays the character of Daryl
  • Michelle Mylett as the other sibling Katy
  • K. Trevor Wilson plays the character of Squirrely Dan
  • Dylan Playfair plays the character of Reilly
  • Andrew Herr plays the character of Jonesy
  • Tyler Johnston plays the character of Stewart
  • Alexander De Jordy plays the character of Devon 

And various other regular members of the cast playing different characters including guest appearances and cameos.

IMDB Rating

The TV show was rated 8.7 / 10 on the IMDB and was numbered as 196 on the top-rated television shows.


The series was critically acclaimed not only in Canada but also worldwide and was labeled as fun, easy to watch, and healthy comedy by lots of critics. It was nominated in several categories at different award shows and also won several awards. It was nominated 30 times and has won 13 awards till now. The Audiences called it a fantastic show and said that this show is really different from other sitcoms that they have watched over the years. They called it fresh and original and most of them are desperately waiting for another season of this show.

How to watch Letterkenny online free

Letterkenny is originally a product of Crave TV and according to CraveTV Letterkenny’s debut was the biggest debut of any series that has been broadcasted on their platform. All episodes of all seasons of Letterkenny are available to watch on the official website of Crave TV along with various other series and shows. However, on Crave TV’s website, one can only watch trailers and teasers for free. To watch complete episodes of all seasons, a person has to first subscribe to CraveTV and has to pay a certain amount too. The subscription fee of craving Tv is 9.99 dollars plus tax per month which is obviously not affordable for everyone. Similarly, Letterkenny is also available on Amazon Prime and Hulu, but both of these streaming networks are also not free of cost. They charge a specific amount of fee-only the elites of a particular country can afford on a monthly or annual basis. But, those who cannot afford these streaming networks should not worry about it. There are several websites, apps, and other platforms that have uploaded and are broadcasting all seasons and episodes that have gone on air till now absolutely free. Moreover, lots of torrent links are also available for Letterkenny on the internet. All you need is to make proper use of the internet. URLs and names of some of the examples of such platforms that are streaming Letterkenny and other shows/movies for absolutely free are mentioned below :

  1. Seriesonline8.co
  2. https://www8.123movie.movie/film/letterkenny-season-1-vme
  3. https://moovies.in/serie/letterkenny/
  4. https://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x6iblt
  5. Youtube
  6. https://www.justwatch.com/us/tv-show/letterkenny
  7. https://www.sbs.com.au/ondemand/program/letterkenny
  8. https://www.1-2-3movies.com/serie/letterkenny-season-4/3512/
  9. https://www.yidio.com/show/letterkenny
  10. https://www.sidereel.com/tv-shows/letterkenny
  11. Cinehub

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