Revisiting the Defunct Website

The website was once a popular online destination, though it has since shut down. At its height, it offered Chinese internet users a wealth of content and services. Let’s take a look back at what made this now-defunct site so widely used in its heyday.

A Hub for Chinese Web Surfers

Launched in the 2000s, billed itself as a comprehensive portal for Chinese web surfers. The site provided news, entertainment, search services, shopping, and more – all geared towards users in mainland China.

In its aim to be the premier Chinese content hub, delivered a broad range of offerings under one roof. From streaming TV dramas to music downloads, online games, forums and viral videos – it was a one-stop-shop for daily internet needs.

The site also provided search and directory services for finding Chinese websites and businesses. For new internet users at the time, became a key entry point and guide to online activity.

Evolving and Fading with the Web

As the Chinese internet evolved, struggled to keep up. Government censorship and restrictions posed increasing challenges in providing content. User tastes also gravitated towards specialized platforms rather than portal sites.

Gradually,’s services became less relevant and trafficked. dedicated video, music, shopping, and social networking sites pulled users away.

Unable to remain competitive, eventually shuttered in the early 2010s, joining the internet graveyard of sites that once thrived.

Legacy of a Chinese Internet Pioneer

Though defunct, holds an important place in Chinese internet history. As one of the country’s earliest multipurpose portals, it introduced many users to online media, commerce, and communication.

The site paved the way for China’s internet boom in the following decades. And for a time, was a quintessential window into the early Chinese web – fast-evolving, unpredictable, and always moving towards wider possibilities.

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