www-vootserial-com emerged as a popular Indian entertainment site providing illegal access to TV shows and serials. However, the platform’s disregard for copyright ultimately forced its closure.

Catering to Serial Fans in India

Launched in 2014, VootSerial aimed to be a premier destination for Indian viewers to watch their favorite serials and shows from major networks like ColorsTV, ZeeTV, StarPlus and more.

The site offered on-demand streaming access to top Hindi and regional language serials shortly after they aired. For dedicated fans, VootSerial became a prized source to catch missed episodes.

Millions of visitors flocked to the site daily for its giant catalog of serialized content. But it operated via brazen piracy.

Enabling and Profiting from Copyright Theft

Virtually all shows on VootSerial were illegally uploaded without licensing from broadcasters. By freely sharing copyrighted content, VootSerial caused major losses for TV networks while profiting from ads.

Despite extensive litigation, VootSerial persisted across shifting domains before finally going offline in 2017 amid intensifying government crackdowns on streaming piracy websites.

Forced Shutdown Due to Mounting Legal Pressure

Unable to survive the loss of revenues and mounting legal costs, VootSerial ultimately shuttered rather than fight losing court battles.

While wildly popular for a period, VootSerial represented the epidemic of streaming piracy that long plagued Indian television. Despite its evasion efforts, the site proved unsustainable built entirely on stolen content.

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