Head to the future: Sunglasses Trends

Fashion has become much more experimental and inclusive thanks to social media, and as a result, men are leaning more toward accessories like sunglasses. According to Research and Markets, the sales of men’s accessories are expected to have the fastest-growing annual rate from 2022 to 2026. Plus, men are partial to functionality, and sunglasses offer fashion and UV protection. Style-wise, they are a great way to elevate your outfit and add an air of mystery, but some men may be stumped about how to include sunglasses in their everyday looks. If you’re just about to build your sunglasses collection, here are a few tips:

Go the classic Hollywood route

From Tom Cruise in Top Gun to Leonardo DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street, sunglasses are a staple of the masculine Hollywood star, radiating suave energy and a classic appeal. Most silhouettes of classic men’s sunglasses were popularized in the 20th century, and today, they come in various styles from brands like Ray-Ban, Oakley, and more. For fans of aviator shades, the Ray-Ban RB4376 features this favorite shape, this time with injected gray frames and cool dark blue lenses for a timeless look.Meanwhile, the RB2140 Original Wayfarer Classic has been seen in many Hollywood movies because of its flattering square frame. Pair your sunglasses with a well-made T-shirt, structured knitwear, or a vintage denim jacket to make a style statement without being too flashy. There is no need for an over-the-top leather jacket or a flat-brim cap here; your sunglasses can up the cool factor independently.

Get smart

Sunglasses should always mesh well with your personality. So, if you’d like to give off a more serious and intellectual vibe instead, consider stylish men’s sunglasses from brands like Oliver Peoples to help you pull it off. The “Deconstructed” collection features models like the Birell Sun, which has a browline shape that draws attention to your eyes and gives off an intellectual aesthetic. On the other hand, the Sidell frames are thin and rounded, giving off an understated luxury while looking polished. With suitable frame shapes, sunglasses can suggest a discerning, confident, and well-read man who values both style and substance. When styling these, outerwear is key. Opt for coats or jackets with longer hemlines in moodier colors like gray, dark brown, or maroon. Consider a button-down shirt to exude casual energy, or lean into the nerdy vibe with a sweater vest or V-neck cardigan.

Head to the future

Future-forward fashion is now in style, and we’re seeing out-of-this-world fashion choices like dramatic collars, vinyl or reflective outerwear, or thick platform boots from more and more men. While this may be a step above doable for some, sunglasses are an easy way to hop onto this trend without looking too crazy. Futuristic men’s sunglasses are available from brands like Moncler; the Lunette frame features a sporty wraparound frame with colorful red-orange lenses. Styling unique sunglasses is easier because they’re already the centerpiece of your outfit, so the next step is creating balance. You can allude to the color of your lenses by wearing a crossbody bag, shoes, or belt in the same shade. For a distressed ’90s and early ‘2000s vibe, you can pair them with a very loose hoodie. Or you can channel New York street style by wearing these sunglasses with a puffer jacket, cargo jeans, and classic white sneakers.

As we’ve said, it’s crucial to approach your personal style honestly, especially with the accessories on your face. By finding your signature sunglasses that you can rely on to look and feel your best, you can make a versatile addition to your wardrobe that will find a place in many outfit combinations. Remember: no matter your style, there’s a pair of sunglasses out there that matches it.

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