Finding Game Huy Cuong • Talk About Shit • 2022

“Talk About Shit” is a 10-track instrumental album released in 2022 by artist Huy Cuong. Let’s take a deep dive into this unique musical work and see how Cuong showcases his talents across a range of styles and moods.

About Huy Cuong

Huy Cuong is a rising musician and producer based in Vietnam. While not much is publicly known about Cuong yet, his work demonstrates impressive musicianship and versatility. “Talk About Shit” represents his first major solo release.

Overview of Talk About Shit

“Talk About Shit” contains a diverse mix of instrumental hip hop, ambient, and electronic tracks. The album has an experimental and atmospheric vibe, with Cuong layering synths, drums, vocals samples and more to create immersive soundscapes. There are no lyrics, letting the music speak for itself.

Standout Tracks

“Finding Game” – A highlight is this nearly 5-minute epic journey. Cuong builds layers of glitchy beats, haunting vocals, pads, and guitar licks. It has an off-kilter rhythm that keeps you engaged.

“Drink For Pain” – Dark and moody synthwave textures set an ominous tone. The dirty bassline contrasts with the shimmering melodic elements really well.

“Need Madness” – Fast paced drums and rapid fire hi-hats give this track an energetic upbeat feel. The vocoded vocals and smooth synths balance out the madness.

Cuong’s Musicianship and Style

It’s clear from the intricate production and textural depth that Cuong is a highly skilled beatmaker and musician. He is able to craft cohesive tracks that take you on a journey using both electronic and organic sounds.

There’s a cinematic grandness to tracks like “Paradise Of” with its sweeping strings. Other times Cuong exhibits restraint, like the minimalist “Social Action” built on subtle percussion. This dynamism is a signature of his style.

The Meaning Behind “Talk About Shit”

While instrumental, the tracks seem to convey certain themes and emotions. There is a mix of gloomier minor key tracks alongside more optimistic major key cuts, perhaps representing different perspectives on life.

The album title hints that the music is meant to spur thought and discussion, with listeners interpreting the meaning in their own way.

Final Verdict

With “Talk About Shit”, Huy Cuong announces himself as producer to watch. The album shows his ability to expertly craft beats, guide the listener through varying landscapes, and connect with listeners without words. Keep an ear out for Cuong as an emerging talent in instrumental hip hop and electronic music.

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