– Login | Sign up was the website for the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system of Lakireddy Bali Reddy College of Engineering (LBRCE) in India. Launched in the early 2010s, it allowed students and faculty to access college services online. However, the ERP website was discontinued a few years later.

Enhancing College Administration

LBRCE introduced its ERP website around 2011 to streamline academic operations. Students could use it to check schedules, attendance records, internal marks, and more.

For staff, the ERP portal centralized student data, fee management, payroll, inventories, and other functions. This improved efficiency and oversight across the institution.

The user-friendly ERP system represented LBRCE’s efforts to modernize management using technology. For a period, it delivered convenience to students and administrators alike.

Challenges Leading to Shutdown

However, maintaining a complex customized ERP platform proved difficult. The college lacked sufficient in-house technical skills to sustain continuous development.

Gradually, the ERP system became outdated and buggy. Students complained of outdated information and limited mobile access.

Faced with escalating issues and inadequate support, LBRCE decided to take the ERP portal offline around 2016. More user-friendly commercial ERP solutions have since been adopted.

Remembering an Early Academic IT Experiment

While short-lived, represented an early attempt at digitizing college services at a time when academic ERP was still rare in India.

For a generation of LBRCE students and staff, the ERP portal provided a first glimpse of technology’s potential in improving educational administration.

Though defunct, the website signifies LBRCE’s innovative efforts to serve as a model for Indian colleges modernizing through IT. The lessons from this pioneering ERP experiment have informed LBRCE’s subsequent technology transformations.

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