123movies Reddit – List of Relevant Subreddits

Reddit is a great place for fans of a particular topic to interact and discuss the best possible ways to get around anything. After the shutdown of 123movies, many fans ran to Reddit to find out what happened to gomovies and 123movies. These domains were quite famous among the fans who loved to watch unlimited, high-quality content on 123movies. Fans were quite disappointed after these websites were taken down by authorities, websites like 123movies give fans such freedom to watch any content, anywhere at any time. 

There are few subreddits that are active to keep the fans posted about the new links of the website and proxy servers. After the website of 123movies was taken down, fans rushed to Reddit to discuss the problem with people facing the same issue. One such subreddit is still active and it is provided below: 


This subreddit contains quite useful links of all the mirror and proxy websites of 123movies and it is updated regularly so users can stay updated with all the new links and watch 123movies without any interruption. 

Reddit is a great place to talk about similar interests and when it comes to 123movies, the fanbase is quite a lot in numbers and fans rush to subreddits to find the new working links for the website. All the fans were really relieved after finding the subreddits, where they can freely talk about their anger and frustration regarding the shutdown of 123movies.

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