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123movies also acquired the domain of gomovies and switched to gomovies a few years ago and a lot of similar domains were also acquired for the same purposes. In addition to 123movies.to, 123movies.go also became one of the most popular websites when users search for either gomovies or 123movies, this domain quickly came up. It is quite a good site as well and works exactly the same as 123movies. This website became quite popular among the fans because when other links of 123movies were down, this came up quickly and worked quite well. 

This domain is quite similar to 123movies.to because it features exactly the same content and same library with the same streaming options. When the 123movies.to was taken down by the MPAA officials in Vietnam, 123movies.go quickly started to receive all the traffic from 123movies.to fans because of similar functionality and content. Since the shut down of official 123movies.to the website, many similar maps came on the face of the internet to help the fans of 123movies.to. 

You may not be able to tell which of the 123movies website is real, because the site officials often switch its domains to keep the website off the grid from official authorities. Whenever one site is taken down, the new ones are instantly created to keep the content live. The original 123movies.to also has some viruses in forms of ads which can infect your computer but even with the changed domains, the ads are likely to be there and safety risk is also a constant concern. 

The functionality of 123movies.go is the same as 123movies.to because the autoplay and play/pause features of these domains work exactly alike, which means that probably only the domains are changed but the content and functionality are migrated as it is. There are hardly any bugs in these systems and the videos play perfectly well without any interruptions and quality can be set as well in order for the content to play constantly. 

123movies has gathered quite a fanbase over the years because of its millions of visitors each day. The website is however still illegal and although the domains of 123movies do not host any of the content directly, the content is gathered from all over the internet illegally and is displayed at 123movies.go or other similar websites.  

There is also a certain risk that your computer or the viewing device can get infected with any virus or malware while using websites like 123movies.go and other clones of this website. 

There are great options nowadays for streaming content legally, although the newly released content is not promised on the legal websites but it also becomes available after a certain period of time. The legal options are also free of any viruses and they are cost-effective as well. 

123movies also displays the original content of the legal streaming websites which has upset a lot of the legal alternatives to 123movies and that’s why there are so many rivals of 123movies, trying to shut it down for good. 

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