www-ModelBlog-TV gained notoriety as an online forum focused on questionable underage content. While starting innocently as a fashion community, the site allegedly descended into legally dubious territory before being shut down.

A Mainstream Modeling Forum Initially

Launched in 2007, ModelBlog began as a general all-ages fashion forum focused on discussing models, brands, photography, and style trends. In its early days, the site hosted mainstream conversations between legal hobbyists.

However, ModelBlog gradually took a more sexually exploitative turn as it tried expanding its audience.

Descent into Explicit Territory

Over time, ModelBlog allegedly became overrun with sexualized images of minors and illegal content, despite claiming to prohibit such material.

Critics condemned ModelBlog for crossing legal lines under the facade of a legitimate fashion forum. But the site insistently resisted calls for stronger moderation.

Shut Down Amid Controversy

After sustained controversy, advertising partners abandoned ModelBlog due to the objectionable material being shared on its platform.

Losing its key revenue stream, ModelBlog was forced to shut down permanently around 2011. Very little trace of the defunct site remains today across the internet.

While starting as an innocuous hobby forum, ModelBlog veered into extremely troubling territory, as critics alleged. Its rapid demise demonstrated that digital sites breeding exploitative behavior face growing accountability for the content they tolerate.

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