Hodgetwins TV operated as the official website of internet comedians the Hodgetwins. However, the niche humor site apparently struggled to remain viable over the long-term and was eventually discontinued.

A Hub for Irreverent Comedy

The Hodgetwins gained popularity in the early 2010s for their brand of humor blending conservative political satire with provocative themes. After building a YouTube following, they launched Hodgetwins.TV in 2012.

The site featured their sketches, standup clips, commentary, and general humor content aimed at young adult male fans. For a period, it offered a centralized platform for the duo’s edgy comedy.

Decline of a Niche Humor Site

However, operating a niche humor site proved challenging over time. As online video dispersed across social media, Hodgetwins.TV apparently struggled to retain traffic and monetize effectively.

Faced with escalating costs, diminishing ad revenues, and waning interest in standalone sites, the Hodgetwins opted to shut down Hodgetwins.TV by 2017. Their content shifted completely to YouTube and podcasts.

Remembering a Defunct Comedy Venture

While short-lived, Hodgetwins.TV represented the duo’s early attempt at creating their own digital comedy brand during the rise of online video.

For fans, the site offered a uniquely unfiltered destination for the duo’s humor. However, the challenges of sustaining a niche platform ultimately proved too difficult.

The spirit behind Hodgetwins.TV lived on through the duo’s evolution into prolific YouTube personalities with continued success on free social platforms.

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