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During the early 2010s, GamatoTV (Gamatotv.info) was a popular website for streaming movies and shows with Greek subtitles. At its peak, it offered Greek internet users easy access to a wealth of content. However, the site’s legal issues eventually led to its shutdown.

Satisfying Demand for Greek-Subbed Content

Launched in 2011, GamatoTV helped meet growing demand among Greek audiences for streamed entertainment media translated into their native language.

At a time when content options in Greek were still limited outside of Greece, GamatoTV became a prized destination. It offered an extensive library of Greek-subbed movies, shows, documentaries and more.

From the latest Hollywood releases to beloved Greek TV series, GamatoTV’s accessibility and comprehensive collection attracted millions of regular viewers.

Running Afoul of Copyright Law

However, GamatoTV operated via unauthorized streams ripped from legitimate sources. By facilitating access to this unlicensed content, the site infringed on copyrights.

Media platforms filed notices against GamatoTV for distributing their copyrighted programming without permission. But the site persisted, even briefly branching out into user-uploaded illegal sports streams.

The legal pressure on GamatoTV mounted steadily.

Shut Down and Transition to Legal Services

By 2013, regulators and web hosts forced GamatoTV offline permanently. The site’s founder was even arrested.

But the demand GamatoTV revealed led to the launch of Kosmosima.gr – Greece’s first major legal streaming platform for Greek-translated content.

While violating copyright law, GamatoTV pioneered Greek-language streaming in the early 2010s. Its controversial legacy helped pave the way for Greece’s lawful streaming services that exist today.

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