123movierulz.live : Controversial Site for Online Movie Streaming

123movierulz.live, often referred to simply as Movierulz, grew into a hugely popular but highly controversial website for streaming and downloading movies. However, its rampant piracy ultimately forced its shutdown.

Satisfying User Demand for Free Movies

Founded in 2007, Movierulz offered users easy access to an extensive catalog of new Hollywood, Bollywood and regional cinema releases.

At a time when online movie availability was still limited, Movierulz quickly became a prized destination among fans for its giant selection of titles. Users could stream movies directly or download prints in various sizes.

Movierulz gained millions of daily visitors – especially students and budget-conscious viewers who enjoyed its free access. But it came at a major cost.

Promoting Brazen Copyright Infringement

Most films on Movierulz were illegally uploaded pirated prints. The site freely distributed copyrighted content without permission, causing massive losses for studios.

Despite numerous court orders to remove illegal content, Movierulz persisted for years – constantly shifting domains and uploading new links to pirated prints.

As pressure mounted from legal teams and government crackdowns, Movierulz eventually went offline permanently by 2020. However, the larger piracy issue continues through copycat sites.

While immensely popular for users, Movierulz promoted the troubling normalization of intellectual property theft. Its legacy remains one of damage caused by unchecked piracy sites during the internet’s early freewheeling days.

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