Plenty of students all across the world overlook how important writing is as a skill. The essays and assignments given out by tutors are not a form of punishment or a way to frustrate students throughout the semester. An essay writer from a writing company with professional skills Lauren Bradshaw summed it up perfectly when she said “Writing is a skill that gives students a chance to catch onto many vital facilities that help them become successful in their studies, a future career as well as all other parts of their lives”. This article will highlight how important writing is and why it should be taken seriously by students.

Writing Skills

Writing Helps Students Improve Their Communication Skills

College students use both verbal and non-verbal communication to get their messages across to each other and tutors. Life would be meaningless without communication and this is why writing is one of the fundamental skills taught in school because it helps students improve how they communicate. Writing helps college students learn how to better organize their ideas to get the message across effectively. Things like punctuation, spelling, and grammar all play an important part when it comes to communication. A student can improve on this by learning how to write as a way to express themselves to people who read their content.

Writing Helps Students Sharpen Their Imagination and Creative Skills

Human beings are naturally creative and when students write, they will activate a few cells in their brain that are responsible for creativity. If a student doesn’t channel this or put any effort in improving their writing, all their creativity is stifled and won’t develop. The more a student writes, the more active they make their brain which helps keep the creative juices flowing. A student will notice their academic performances go up when they work on improving their writing skills.

Writing Helps Students Gain More Knowledge

There is a famous expression which says “knowledge is power”.  Having a higher IQ can open doors to better opportunities. Before people learn how to write, reading comes first and this goes hand in hand with writing. Students have to research topics they are not aware of before writing their essays, reports, or dissertations in colleges. As a student reads and writes more, they will gain more knowledge on various topics, which makes them smarter.  Things about the past, present, and future are learned when students combine reading and writing.

Writing Skills

Writing Helps Students Achieve Academic Success

There is no escaping the fact that writing is a very important part of a student’s academic progression. It is a skill that every student must have if they want to excel, get good grades and their degree when they finish their studies. Students who have difficulties writing often find the demands of producing good assignments tougher than those who’ve mastered the skill at a very young age. Many students also turn to essay writing services because not only do they help produce a good essay but, one can also learn different writing techniques. When a student can write properly, they can complete their course quicker and land good-paying jobs.

Writing Helps Students Gain More Confidence

One of the most underrated reasons why writing is super important to college students is it increases their confidence levels. Completing a writing task such as an essay can make a student feel a sense of accomplishment. This can only be achieved when one works on their writing and becomes an expert at it. Plenty of students often speak glowingly of the immense pride they felt when they completed their dissertation. Knowing that they were able to contribute a small token of their knowledge to a huge body of work gave them confidence. This is what writing does to a student and the reason why it is one of the most sought-after skills in the world.

Writing Helps Students Keep Records

We are living in a fast-paced world and it is very easy for people to forget things. When a student writes down their past experiences and ideas, they can always refer back to them, learn and get better in the future. Science for example is something that wouldn’t have been around if it wasn’t for people writing and keeping records back in the day. Things like journals on past events are around because of writing and any student who wants to keep records of their accomplishments can put them down in a diary.

Writing Helps Students Get a Job in the Future

This point is an expansion of the academic success point above (number 4) concerning finding a job. Anyone who has learned how to write from an early age has a very high chance of achieving academic success in the future. Writing is a skill that many employees in this day and age look for because it is needed for communication with customers via email, newsletters, and more. There isn’t an industry in the world that doesn’t need this skill. We are living in a digital age now and even though things don’t need to be written down on a piece of paper like in the old days, one still needs to be able to write to succeed. This is very important for students who want to pursue a career in marketing or management as most companies promote their services via social media.


Overall, writing is a skill that can be taken to the workplace because businesses now want their employees to be able to write properly. We are living in an age where everything is all digital, however, people are still needed for online chats, faxes, emails, website updates, and more. The clearer one communicates, the greater their chances of success no matter the profession. Writing makes students better in both their private and academic life. It makes a student develop analytical skills on timings they are reading.


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