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Having a high-speed internet connection is no longer a choice. It has become a necessity. Last year’s pandemic situation brought the whole world to its knees. If it wasn’t for the internet, the situation would have been different and for the worse.  



The availability of high-speed internet led us through the pandemic phase. Though physically isolated, people remain connected at large. Most service providers offered e-billing services to ensure social distancing, Speaking of e-billing, you can reach out to the 1800 number for Spectrum if you’re a subscriber.  



Now back to the original question. Which countries have the highest speed and why? Before we list down the names of the countries, let’s explore the factors that affect internet speed. Keep reading to know more.  

Which Factors Determine Internet Speed? 

Many factors affect average internet speeds. They include the infrastructure and size of a country, etc. Let’s discuss the factors one by one.  

State of Economy 

The better the economic conditions, the higher the internet speed. Development economies have the means to build strong IT infrastructures. That is why the United States has one of the world’s most advanced IT infrastructures. Moreover, the level of priority a government accords to the development of internet services also determines average internet speeds.  

Size of a Country 

The size of a country also affects average internet speeds. Smaller, developed countries tend to have a capable IT infrastructure. This is because it is easy to provide internet services across a smaller country. Larger countries, on the other hand, might face difficulties while installing cable lines due to the huge landmass they have to cover.  

Proximity to Sea 

More than 95% of the world’s communication data comes through undersea cables. If you didn’t know, now you know. Average internet speeds are typically faster for countries that are located near the sea. Proximity to the sea is a major factor that can affect average internet speeds.  


Perhaps the most important factor that determines internet speeds is the quality of a country’s IT infrastructure. Countries with well-developed IT infrastructure tend to have faster average internet speeds. After all, using quality copper and fiber wires can greatly improve internet speeds.   

Which Countries Have the Fastest Internet Speeds? 

For our rankings, we have relied on insights from the Speedtest Global Index. The said index provides information on internet speeds for approximately 190 countries. So, which countries have topped the Speedtest Global Index rankings for the fastest internet speeds, let’s find out.  


Average internet speeds in Singapore peak at 262.20 Mbps (megabits per second). This is almost double the average of what the rest of the world is getting nowadays. Singapore has an excellent IT infrastructure and a strong economy. These two factors show why it has one of the fastest fixed broadband speeds in the world. Also, it is a small country. It is roughly 0.11% the size of Texas.  


At 222 Mbps, Switzerland has the fastest average internet speeds in all of Europe. It also has the fastest broadband penetration rates in Europe. Before the advent of DSL, the country relied on dial-up internet to meet its requirements. Today, DSL makes up the largest chunk of broadband technology in Switzerland. Like most European countries, Switzerland is a developed economy and the government puts much focus into the development of internet solutions.  

South Korea 

It’s not just the fixed broadband speed that’s great in South Korea. The country also has one of the fastest mobile internet speeds in the world – at 192.16 Mbps. Meanwhile, fixed broadband speeds in the country peak at 216.67 Mbps. South Korea has a highly capable IT infrastructure. The country’s government is committed to providing the latest internet solutions to its citizens.  

United States 

The United States has one of the fastest fixed broadband speeds in the world. Also, the country offers pretty good download speeds for mobile internet. The U.S. is a huge market for broadband service providers. Bundle offers are quite popular in the country. Average broadband internet speeds peak at 199 Mbps. Mobile internet speeds, on the other hand, can go up to 96.31 Mbps.  


China isn’t far behind the U.S in terms of the fastest average internet speeds. The strong economy and an equally capable IT infrastructure have put China on the list of countries with the fastest internet speeds in the world. Average broadband speeds in China peak at 193.15 Mbps.

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