What happened to 123Movies?

A few years back, 123movies was one of the most reliable sites to watch amazing content ranging from movies, tv shows to reality shows, cartoons, and whatnot. 123movies maintained an excellent reputation among the fans who want to watch amazing HD quality content for free online. The streaming service of 123movies was quite amazing with the autoplay features so if you are watching a TV series or show, you never have to click anywhere for the next episode. Quite an excellent website for watching all kinds of shows for free and with minimal ads as well. There were very fewer ads in the start however like other streaming websites, 123movies also started using a lot of ads but there were always workarounds for watching endless content without much bothering of ads on 123movies. Fan always loved 123movies because of the free content always available on the go. 

However, as per the reports, it has been said that 123movies was well known to the authorities and it was being operated from Vietnam. The website itself was listed as the ‘most famous illegal website” by the American Motion Pictures Association (MPAA). The MPPA is a united states based association that is representative of six major Hollywood studios. 

Before the shutdown of 123movies, the vice president and chief of Global Content Protection said that “Right now, the most popular illegal site in the world, 123movies.to (at this point), is operated from Vietnam, and has 98 million visitors a month.”

Many other streaming services of illegal content were said to be illegitimate and not helpful for local businesses” this statement was also issued by the chief of Global content protection, who also was working with the Police Investigation Agency to take care of the issue of illegal streaming of the content. 

Why 123movies is not working or shut down?

The fans were quite devastated when they couldn’t find 123movies online and the reason behind the shut down of the pirating streaming company, the shutdown announcement wasn’t settling well with the fans. Some fans didn’t even understand why the website was not available. But as per the report from TorrentFreak last year March, the US ambassador to Vietnam named Ted Osius requested the Vietnam government for the official crackdown against these streaming services which are operating from Vietnam including 123movies. After the meeting of that year regarding the ban of these websites, 123movies days were numbered. 

123movies tried so hard to get away with this ban and several rebrandings were done over the respective course to avoid getting completely removed off the map. With 123movies getting banned and streaming services that are legitimate it was meant to be that the legal alternatives will win this battle. Still, don’t be so worried because there are other ways to get around this ban surely. You will find a lot of alternatives that can give you quality content for free because surely if you have missed a show, you don’t have to pay extra money to watch it at your convenience. We don’t support piracy and this piece is only for informational purposes. 

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