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What Are the Benefits of Moving to North Carolina?










North Carolina is a state you need to see to believe. Those living in or traveling to North Carolina can expect beaches, mountains, and quality healthcare among other things. 

Keep reading to find the benefits of moving to North Carolina. You just might want to pack up and move today. 

The Weather

North Carolina crosses three physiographic regions of America so the climate varies from place to place. 

Much of the state has a subtropical climate with short winters and toasty summers. The coastal areas experience more moderate temperatures but can see damaging hurricanes. The higher elevations of the Appalachians have mild summers and cool winters. 

The state gets much sunshine throughout the year which makes it a leader in America’s solar industry. Check with a local solar company to find how to leverage that sunshine to your advantage. 

The Cost of Living

It’s very affordable to live in North Carolina. The cost of living in The Old North State is much lower than the nationwide average. 

Home prices are lower than the national average. The typical North Carolina home costs $267,112, while the median price in America is nearly $100,000 price. A smart homeowner knows to go where they can afford a home within their means. 

The Quality of Life

You already know about the unique geography of the state. It is this unique geography that makes living in and exploring North Carolina desirable. 

If you’re looking to live somewhere with great healthcare options, look no further. Three of the state’s hospitals rank among the best in all America. 

North Carolina is one of America’s leaders in National Board-certified teachers. Board-certified teachers help their students learn more and show a true commitment to excellence. Schools that hire National Board Certified staff have higher employee morale and retention. 

If you’re a lover of the arts, you’ll love the culture in North Carolina. Between the award-winning symphonies, countless museums, and festivals, you’ll never get bored. 

The craft beer scene is exploding with Asheville and Charlotte becoming hubs for local breweries. And if you prefer a glass of wine, there are over 175 wineries in the state. 

If you’d rather hit the trails than the art museum, the Tar Heel State has that, too. Now you don’t need to choose between beaches and mountains, you can have them both!

Many Employment Options

Finding a job should be at the top of your to-do list before you move. Lucky for you, the job market in North Carolina is strong. Most folks on a lookout for jobs will find one. 

The capital of the state, Raleigh, is a great place to consider if you’re looking for a state government job. The capital and Durham have many jobs options in the education, health care, and IT sectors. With some big-name employers like IBM Corporations and Cisco Systems Inc, job seekers have the chance to score a great job.

Is Moving to North Carolina Right For You?

Knowing all you know now you can decide if moving to North Carolina is right for you and your family. If you dream of stunning landscape, affording a great home and scoring a great job, you might want to make the move. 

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