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The COVID-19 pandemic has caused significant global disruption, and businesses all around the world have had to adjust to drastically changing market circumstances.

As the corporate environment changes constantly, more and more organizations are realizing the value of digitization and have started using new technology. CIOs are reevaluating their development plans in favor of digital transformation as firms come out of a crisis.

Use of the Cloud

The adoption of cloud computing by institutions and even governmental bodies occurred in 2022, in addition to startups, offshore development company, and established companies. The Pentagon, security agencies, courts, and medical facilities all acknowledge the significance of technology. By the end of 2024, it’s feasible that corporations and academic institutions worldwide—not just those in the US—will have significantly shifted to the cloud.

One of the most well-known developments in the software business is cloud computing, which is so since making the switch has never been simpler. All international companies are now making investments in the technology, which allows both businesses and consumers to use the cloud. 

Flexibility for Operations Anywhere

In a society that is moving towards the digital sphere, mobile applications are altering how conventional physical firms run their operations. Anywhere operation is a business concept that enables organizations to offer their services and goods to customers outside of physical locations.

Apps like Aspiration have been increasingly popular in recent years thanks to the flexibility of letting customers interact with businesses. With Aspiration, customers have access to a digital banking option that also lets them monitor the carbon footprints left by their transactions.

Blockchain Apps for Business

The use of blockchain technology is gaining popularity. This term is used more and more frequently each day. Blockchain is a system that uses specific chains made up of blocks to store data. This innovation is frequently employed in bitcoin discussions, marketing, video games, and even software applications.

Processing a lot of sensitive information is the blockchain’s primary purpose. As a result, if we’re talking about corporation software, such a development will aid in safeguarding all of your data. Since all information is housed over a network of computers and is not restricted to a single server, you can be confident that it is securely protected.

Tools for Observing DevOps

In businesses that build software, DevOps has grown to be a common approach. Both SMBs and large corporations will need to use observability technologies for their DevOps teams by 2023. This may be attributed to the growing use of cloud-native app development and microservices, as well as the resulting requirement to identify and address problems in these intricate structures as soon as they arise. MySQL is the most widely used database technology as of 2022, according to a study of software engineers, where 46.85 percent of them said they use it.

A single individual cannot be held accountable for observability. All departments and teams involved in software development inside a company should promote a culture of data-driven decision-making. Debugging and troubleshooting go more quickly and smoothly when every person is adept at monitoring, logging, reporting, etc. Continual integration and deployment are also made possible by this.

Additional GitOps Support

The development teams are having trouble with the rise of options for remote or work-from-home employment. The challenge of developing reliable corporate business application software was overcome by adapting GitHub, a centralized repository system. An improvement in team productivity and speed is measured by utilizing this platform as a crucial tool.

Through an internal cloud support system that also enables the solution to be used in various virtual settings, it supports the collaboration of network, cloud, and developer architects. The GitHub platform’s robust features and support from Azure and AWS further contribute to its lightning-fast usability expansion.


These are the most significant recent advancements in software development that will have an impact on the business strategies of enterprises undertaking digital transformation as well as companies that outsource software development. You may choose which professionals to hire and how to expand your team using these trends.

Companies that decide to devote time, money, and other resources to stay abreast of the changing industry will have a competitive advantage in 2022.

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