Portable Blender Bottle

Portable blenders are small yet powerful accessories that one should at least own especially gym fanatics. Smoothies and protein shakes are new trending healthy foods that dieticians recommend. Portable blenders make it easy for you to make your smoothies and shakes on the go. Hence, a portable blender is one of the must-have essentials.  

Portable blenders are very expensive. Worry not! You don’t have to spend all your life savings just to buy a blender. You can make a portable blender bottle at home and with your own hands. DIY portable blender bottles are easy to make. The good thing is that you get to make them at the lowest cost possible. To make a portable blender bottle a number of things and tools are required. 

Materials Required

  • plastic bottle
  • Strong DC motor
  • Switch
  • Battery
  • Battery connector
  • Screw and a nut
  • Hot glue and quick glue
  • Metal plate
  •  2 pens (one ball pen and a gel pen)

Tools required

  • Cutter
  • Soldering machine and iron
  • Knife
  • Compass
  • Hot glue gun

Steps on how to make a portable blender bottle

STEP 1: Making the bottle

To begin with, you have to make a hole in the cap of the bottle top. You can use a knife or compass to make the hole. NB* you have to make a hole that fits the rotator of the motor. When done making the hole you have to insert the motor inside the hole and stick with some glue. Next, you have to cut the bottle into 2 halves.

STEP 2: Making the blade

To make a blade, take a metal plate thickness of your choice and cut it as a big plus size. Next, make a hole in the very center of the plate. Now you have to bend one pair in the upward direction and the other pair of the opposite blade in the downward direction.

STEP 3: Connecting the blade and the motor

The most significant stage is that of connecting the blade and the motor. These two are the very items that will make the blender work. Take 2 pens. NB* use a gel pen with a large body and a ball pen with a small hole at the back. You have to cut these two pens into small pieces. When you are done cutting the pens, you can place the ball pen inside the gel pen. Use glue to stick it firmly into place.

STEP 4: Inserting the screw

At this stage, you take a nut bolt and insert the screw into the blade. Using the bolt seal it.

STEP 5 – Inserting the screw

Insert the screw on the other side of the gel’s pen body and using glue to seal it firmly into place.

STEP 6 – Inserting the motor stick

Insert the motor stick in the hole at the end of the ball pen. Seal it firmly using super glue, not hot glue. Hot glue is too thick as a result the motor may stop rotating. Tip* a lightweight screw is more ideal as compared to a heavyweight screw that makes it difficult for the motor to rotate at high speed.

STEP 7: Making the circuit

The last stage. At this level, connect the motor, battery and the switch. Solder them. After you finish making the circuit, use hot glue to stick the switch and the battery to the cap of the bottle. And that is all, your portable blender bottle is ready for use. For testing, just take any fruit of your choice as a banana put it in the bottle blender, close it. Press on the switch button and whalla!! your smoothie is ready to be served.

In conclusion, a blender is a must-have gadget. With a portable blender bottle, you get to make all the yummy healthy smoothies and shakes in the comfort of your own home. For a cost-efficient blender l recommend you make your own portable blender bottle. Simply follow the steps outlined above.

By Kenneth

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