TikTok is a social media app that allows users to upload short videos. Most videos are from 15 to 60 seconds long. The platform is growing rapidly and there are different types of videos that people create and share there. As a result, more talented people take the chance to use TikTok to showcase their talents. TikTok users very often search for sources like Increditools to get help for boosting their profile.

Actually, TikTok is easy to consume content that is watched by millions of people on a daily basis. And it’s the most downloaded app in the world. This platform is targeting the audience of teens and tweens which are potential buyers from different companies. Also, major brands have already realized the potential of it. Therefore the app is every marketer’s dream. In this post, I’ll show you how exactly to do ads with TikTok and the possibility of using it, either for a small or big business.

Paying for TikTok Ads

TikTok now has a formal advertising program that allows brands to create paid ads. However the option is only available in selected countries, also their price tag is restrictive. These ads come in several forms below.

1.Biddable Ads

Biddable ads were launched in April 2019. These are essential ads that a marketer can set up as well as run it using the platform. Some major social media networks such as Instagram, Facebook, or Google Ads have similar biddable ads that are in the form of self serve. But for TikTok, it’s a bit different as the self-serve ads are not yet available. It still requires representatives to run the ads.

These ads are found in video ads that pop up on the feed, although they’re skippable. Also, there are 3 action models with these in-feed video ads which include CPC (Cost Per Click), CPM (Cost Per impression), and CPV (Cost Per View). Another good part is that TikTok allows users to narrow their audience in order to reach their targets. For that TikTok offers age, gender, as well as state-level geography.

2.Brand Takeover

As soon as the user opens the app this type of ad appears. It brings the message in the front and centre. That’s where you can drive the traffic to either internal or external destinations. But there’s a downside with this type of ad. It is limited to one advertiser per day. Also, it is more costly when compared to other ads. Experts say this brand takeover ad starts at $50k. A well-known food delivery service called Grubhub had played around with this ad during TikTok’s testing phase of their platform.

3.Hashtag Challenge

Hashtag Challenge is the most effective way of running ads on TikTok. It creates engagement and enhances brand awareness. Just like any social media platforms, TikTok users also love to take challenges, create and upload videos as required by the advertiser. And by this ad, there are high chances for virality since the users will be sharing content on the platform. This is commonly known as UGC(user-generated content). When brands pay for hashtags challenge, their hashtags usually last for 6 days. Furthermore, it usually offers a microsite where the users can buy the products of that brand within the site.

Branded Lenses

TikTok’s branded lenses bring 3D objects, face filters and many more. They’re similar to the AR lenses from Instagram and Snapchat. This type of ad allows users to the products of some advertisers. And it’s beneficial to the brands and companies as it will have immense potential to scale among customers.

Marketing and Advertising on TikTok

What you need to do is to create your TikTok profile, share content, as well as building yourself an audience. But it’s not that easy compared to other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. In fact, TikTok users are harder to please than those on other social sites. So if you’re running a TikTok profile you have to carefully look at the content that your targeted audience likes. You have to make videos that don’t only promote your brand, but it should also be attractive to the viewers.

Working With Influencers

Tiktok is the perfect platform for working with influencers. In fact, all the influence marketing strategies that are on YouTube also work on TikTok. If your product matches the audience of influencer, then you’ll be assured that your influencer campaign will be successful. So you should just leave it to the influencers to produce the content as they know their audience better. Therefore you’re supposed to work with a proven influencer to promote your product. On the other hand, Tiktok does have a feature where you can include clickable URLs in video captions. Therefore you should have to work around with influencers to drive traffic to your sites.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to TikTok marketing, the sky’s the limit. It is the best place for creativity. You can easily grow your business with TikTok ads. Whether you’re using it to promote your website or your online store. You’re assured to get quality traffic. ¬†What you need is to set a budget that works for your business. And finally, you can adjust the budget whenever you need it.

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