From the 9th-century BC to around AD 600, Greece was one of the foremost European civilizations, a hotbed of philosophy, science, and architecture. No wonder Athens attracts romantic visitors from different races and cultures. If you’re a single who’d like to visit but don’t have a traveling companion, check out digital dating platforms. Since the turn of the century, digital dating has become a platform where you can meet people from different race or culture. Signing up to an interracial dating site will provide access to compatible individuals from all walks of life. You’ll find it easy to develop a rapport and get to know someone compatible. The more messages you exchange via interracial chat, the more confident you can become about your travel arrangements. When planning your itinerary, here are the 5 most popular outlets for romantics.

Monastiraki Fleamarket

Heading over to The fleamarket in Athens is one of the most recommended experiences for your visit to this romantic city. It is situated over an extensive area, stretching from Monastiraki Square and nearby Metro station, and reaching right to the end of Ermou Street. The bustling retail area is open daily, but the most recommended occasion to be at a visit is Sundays. This is when you will come across the most extensive range of items for sale, especially if you visit the stalls congregating in Zed Square. The shops are always lively, and along with the open-air stalls, you will be able to browse through everything from vintage books to stylish clothing, coins to stamps, general bric-a-brac true eye-catching postcards.


When you picture Ancient Greece, the chances are this will be the first vision springing to mind. Instantly recognizable, the Acropolis is a complex of ancient temples perched on a towering rock structure, and symbolizing the Hellenic civilization’s golden age. Centremost is the Parthenon, with its magnificent pillars, a fantastic example of classic Greek architecture dedicated to Athena, the goddess of wisdom. The surrounding area has had a turbulent history and was commandeered as a fortress by invading Turkish troops. A selection of the Parthenon’s precious souvenirs were looted by archaeologists during the days of the British Empire, and they remain in exile from their rightful home.

National Garden of Athens

Designed as far back as the 1830s by the German architect Von Gaertner, these fabulously decorative gardens eventually received the royal designation in 1974. Covering an extensive area, this beautiful location is easily accessible. You and your partner can stroll through an interesting range of plants and trees, with ancient remains dotted around the floral displays. There are also statues of famous Greek poets and politicians, as well as ponds teeming with fish and hungry ducks. There’s even a small zoo. The locals love nothing better than walking through these tranquil gardens, and it is open from sunrise to sunset. There’s also a coffee shop where you can enjoy a light lunch.

Lycabettus Hill

Lycabettus Hill is synonymous with romance in Athens. Situated on a hilltop, offering spectacular views of the nearby sea and a cluster of picturesque islands, you will come across the church of Saint George, constructed in the 19th century. As well as being the highest vantage point in the city, this delightful chapel is popular for weddings. The hilltop is accessible by steep steps, but if you are feeling less energetic you can clamber aboard the funicular railway. The surroundings are carpeted in pine trees where the sounds of birdsong add to the romantic vibe.

Mount Parnitha National Park

This is another location perfect for either walking, hiking, cycling, or even orienteering. A trip here makes for the perfect Athenian day out, and you can enjoy spotting wildlife in the teeming forests, as well as keeping your eyes peeled for intrepid mountaineers taking advantage of rugged climbs. Despite the rural location, this park is open all year round, with shelters where restaurants serve mouthwatering local cuisine. Overnight accommodation is also available. The dense treeline of fir trees and other evergreen species is a haven for a variety of flora and fauna. You might be lucky enough to see foxes, badgers, furtive deer, and the dizzying array of birds. Declared a national park in 1961, this is certainly one location you must add to your travel agenda during your romantic break to Athens.

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