Take Your Vape Pen On Your Next International Trip

Can You Take Your Vape Pen On Your Next International Trip?












Tough times ask for tough people, and tough people may rely on tools to help them cope better with these times. Let us find out about vapes and international travel in this blog! Vapes are a common trend among these products, and with more and more vape brands on the market, your questions could be endless too!

What is Vaping?

One of the modern trends of the current generation includes “smoking,” the vapor created by a pen-like device. This process is vaping, and the device used is called a vape. The vape heats a liquid inside it, and this liquid is responsible for the alterations as an aftereffect. Upon heating, this liquid creates an aerosol that the user inhales, leading to the impact of the primary substance. Generally, you may find substances like CBD or Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC in this liquid. It also contains the flavor chosen. Sometimes, you may also find nicotine in these e-liquids. However, it is becoming rarer as its side effects are becoming more well-known. As the substance travels to your bloodstream directly through your lungs, vaping is also one of the fastest consumption methods for popular supplements like CBD.

Can You Travel Internationally With Your Vape Pen?

The main question that often arises, especially among newer vapers, is if they can take their vape pens with them on an international trip. It could be a vacation where you want to enjoy the benefits of a substance you read about online. Or it could be to convince and share a product that you already enjoy with your friend overseas. Be it any reason, there might be a possibility that you want to take your vape pen on your next international trip. To answer the question, you must know that it depends on where you visit, mainly the transport mode you use. For maximum security, you must always check the laws of the country of your visit. There are several rules in different countries regarding the substances used in vapes. Hence, the product you use for your vape also plays a significant role in deciding the answer to your question. 

Check this list of popular destinations for your convenience where you may be going. It may help you with basic knowledge, but always remember to check the official guidelines from the appropriate authorities of the country. 

Popular Destinations You May Want To Take Your Vape Pen To

  • Suppose you are traveling to the United States of America from another country. In that case, you must be careful as it is a tricky affair. Here, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulates these products and considers the ones with more than 0.3% THC illegal. Hence, you must be careful if you carry a cannabis-based product. In addition, the different states also have various distinct regulations, making it your best option to study their rules thoroughly before visiting. 
  • Canada considers products like CBD legal for medical purposes, which means you would find them in stores there.
  • Australia’s CBD is classified as medical cannabis, with a 0.3% limit on THC. They must also have no more than 50mg of any cannabinoid (cannabis plant product) per kg.
  • In the European countries of Spain, Netherlands, The United Kingdom, Italy, Romania, Belgium, and Denmark, medical marijuana is generally legal. However, there are places (like Portugal and Germany) where you need a medical prescription. In addition, many countries like France, Croatia, and Hungary consider THC illegal, but CBD is legal. Hence once again, it is best to check the laws before traveling. 
  • In China, it is illegal to bring food products from another country, and products like CBD oil are considered the same. Therefore, you must check with the country’s authorities to decide on taking your vape pen there. 
  • In contrast, many South American countries like Argentina, Columbia, and Chile have legalized CBD products. But it is still best to confirm with the country’s official guidelines before traveling for maximum protection. 

Things to Remember!

The list above may help to give you an idea about the worldwide scenario for cannabis-based products, one of the most prevalent compounds used in vape e-liquids. However, there are still a few things to keep in mind. First, remember that international travel differs from domestic travel. The two places are not under the same central government or authority. So, for example, the FDA rules may suffice for domestic travel between the US states of Tennessee and Virginia. However, it is different if you travel to another country altogether. 

Additionally, as the mode of travel also plays a role in the decision, you must remember to check with the appropriate authorities. For example, if you are traveling by air, you must check with the airline if you can bring these products. Again, it ensures safety for international trips, and various airlines could place strict policies to avoid mishaps. In contrast, if you travel by the traditional water routes, you may be good to go as the rules aren’t nearly as strict. But, it is still better to be cautious and ask the authorities in charge.  

Lastly, if you opt for your reliable buddy on wheels (your car, obviously), permission from the destination country’s authorities would be enough. Therefore, you must never forget to base your decision on your travel mode. Again, it is best to be prepared for an international trip, making it necessary to ask for formal permissions wherever applicable.  


We understand that traveling with your favorite travel buddy brings immense pleasure. It may even be more pleasurable if your travel buddy is your favorite vape pen or a diy vape mods kits. Although it is generally okay to travel with these devices, you must take care before your next international trip and be fully prepared. It is always more reasonable to take care of all the formalities for maximum security and peace of mind. Therefore, consult with proper authorities, ensure you know local laws, and only then bring your vape pen on your next trip.  

If you are thinking of trying these vaping devices, you must know the laws in your area. You must also ask your doctor before using vapes, especially if you are on any medication. Once you have done that, you may head to the websites of popular vendors or check the local stores for amazing deals on vape pens. 

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