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How To Stay Safe While Using Online Dating Applications










So, you have started using a dating application.

Remember that the audience feedback you will be getting is very contrasting to each other. So, make your own judgment when it comes to these applications where you can apparently find love.

But, before that, learn why safety is a big issue. In this excerpt below, we will be discussing ways you can be safe in these dating applications.

Use It Wisely

If you are using an online dating platform, always remember that anything digital does have a negative impact. So, here is how you can protect yourself from it.

1. Think Closely About Cybersecurity

If it is a digital medium, you are bound to find cybercriminals lurking in the corners. Trying to hack into your device and steal your data. Here are some of the common ways in which you can protect yourself in dating applications.

– Refrain from sharing any personal data with anyone. No matter how many dates you have been on. These include social security numbers, atm pins, etc. Plus, it is a major red flag if someone you have gone on three dates is asking for your bank details. Block them right now.

Always use a VPN when you are connecting with your dating application. In this way, even if you match with a cybercriminal, unfortunately, they wouldn’t be able to hack into your IP address.

– If, unfortunately, you have clicked on some link sent by someone over these dating applications. Has an antivirus scan been done immediately after closing the application?

You can download some of the top-notch antivirus software and VPN from absolutely for free!

2. Choose The Application Wisely

Whenever you are choosing a dating application, it is very important to make a wise and informed decision. Do not go around choosing any application. Some of the factors which you have to keep in mind are –

– What kind of safety measures is the application providing itself? Is it authenticating the data and real identity before letting someone in?

– What are the blocking and reporting features of this application?

– If it is an application that allows people to send a message before they have even matched, then it is better to stay away from it.

– If it is a paid application, whether they provide free trials or not.

3. Be Careful About The Geography Settings

Yes, there are some geographical locations that you have to provide to the dating app in order to get matches around your locality. However, if you find yourself giving too much discreet information, then it is better not to use that application.

The geographical information should consist of a larger radius, and you should not give out the name of the street in which you live. 

4. Leave Out Extremely Personal Details

Yes, you want your potential partner to know something about you before they start talking to you. There are still people in these dating applications who don’t just swipe right on face value.

However, be careful with what information you expose on these applications. This is when you have to make a judgment call and understand what information is harmless and what is not.

For example, letting them know your educational background and job description is okay, but exposing your schooling and company name is not.

5. Protect Your Mental Health As Well

Mental health issues have skyrocketed among individuals who have been on these dating applications. Remember that there are people who are judging you harshly at face value, but they do not have the motive to find a decent partner on this application.

This is what you need to be careful about with whom you match. If someone has tried to insult your looks through these applications, then immediately block and report them.

If you already have faced body insecurities before, then probably it is time to solve them with a therapist first before joining a dating application.

Be Careful Who You Match With!

The major attraction you are feeling for that person the first time you matched is not love!

So, try to distinguish between the two.

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