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If you have recently bought a MacBook Pro, then you must be excited about unboxing and using the new device. It is indeed a great laptop with plenty of features, but if you are someone who has bought an Apple device for the very first time, then starting up with a Mac might take you a bit more than you expect. 

You will get several unique tie-ups, like a login keychain to have all your passwords in one place. If things are unclear about it, check so you are aware of the login keychain and what it does. 

Bringing home a sleek device like a Mac is a reason to be happy, but if you want to know about a few starter tips and tricks that will help you to start your journey with your Mac, continue reading this article.

Screenshot Feature

Since you do not have side buttons or a ‘prt sc’ button on the Macbook Pro, you need to make yourself comfortable learning some new keyboard shortcuts. If you want to take a screenshot of your screen during a presentation or a WhatsApp chat, then just press Command+Shift+3 to capture the entire screen. 

Alternatively, if you want to capture just a particular portion of the screen, simply replace the 3 with the number 4 and select the part you want to capture. 

Multi-Touch Feature

The Macbook Pro touchpad is huge, more than your average laptop, and the best part is that it lets you use the trackpad almost like your phone. So, if you want to zoom in on a particular text on your Mac, just imagine the trackpad as your phone screen and just do what you would normally do to zoom in on your phone. 

The multi-touch gesture has been with Apple for quite a long time and hence coming into your Macbook pro, it is even more updated. You can learn about more tricks by going to the Apple Menu > System Preferences.

Siri as Digital Assistant

Apple’s brilliant AI, Siri, can do multiple tasks for you. Probably after a point, you would start believing that Siri is sitting right next to you because indeed the amount of efficiency that Siri has, no one else does. You can turn on Siri from the upper right side corner of your screen. Initially, Siri was made available to only iPhones, but over the years, AI has found its place in Macbooks and iPads as well. 

You can ask Siri to call your friend, play some music or search for something while you are busy and cannot come to the computer yourself. As you continue using Siri, you will encounter how the virtual assistant makes your experience even better with every passing day. 

Right-Click Feature

If you wonder how you would work without the buttons you usually get on laptop track boards, don’t worry, as we got you. To open a menu which you would normally do by a right-click, just single tap on the track board with your two fingers to pop up the menu in front of you. It might take you some time to get yourself adjusted to this new formation but, won’t you do anything for your latest Macbook Pro?


Your newest Macbook Pro has got an emoji keypad as well. This is one feature which is hardly available in most of the other laptops, so there is something extra that you need to be happy about. If you text your friends via your laptop or send an informal email to a close one with some photographs, you can use the emoji keyboard to make your message look cute and interactive. Just press Control + Command + Spacebar Key to open the emoji keyboard. You will see all your most loved emojis over there, which you generally use on your phone.

Spotlight Search

Since Apple tries its level best to make sure that the users always have an experience that they have never even imagined in their lives, they make sure to look deeper into some details to make the user experience a bit more enriching. Usually, if you were to use a regular laptop (which is not a Mac), you would open up a browser, go to the search engine and finally type what you want to see on your screen. But, with a Macbook, you can simply open Spotlight Search and use the tool to make your tasks easier. 

Press Command + Space to open the search bar. The best part is that it even hunts your local drive to search for relevant files. In a nutshell, Spotlight search is your one-stop-destination for everything that you want to look for.

Final Words

So, once you get through with every Macbook Pro tip, you will be able to experience the most extraordinary things on the surface. This laptop will make sure that you always get a premium service and have a great time. Just make sure that you are always connected to a reliable Wi-Fi network so that you can browse without any buffers because slow Wi-Fi will only take the experience away from you.

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