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(MUST Do Before Running an Email Campaign)

Emailing is one of the most used means of communication. However, many emails that are created for newsletters or even email marketing are flagged by clients as spam and do not get into the inbox of the client. Thus, it is essential that you test your emails using a spam checker for email. To alleviate this problem, fortunately, there are a number of free tools online that can aid you with testing your spam score, rendering your email and ensuring deliverability.

Additionally, these tools evaluate the content, subject of the email and HTML to find out if it will get delivered, get flagged or spammed. The best thing about spam checker for email is that they suggest modifications that you can implement to enhance and improve the chances of your email getting delivered. Down below, I have listed the benefits and some of the best spam checker for email.

Benefits of Checking Email Spam

  • Evaluates your reputation before you send
  • It detects and fixes potential delivery issues
  • It avoids spam folders and ensures that your emails reach the inbox
  • Emails get to be scanned by major spam filters to see where issues may lay and actionable suggestions are applied to improve deliverability.

1. Mail Tester

It was developed by MailPoet. One of the best tools that are available for free. With you can verify if an email is valid or not. This helps a great deal to keep your contacts database up-to-date. To determine the validity of an email, it performs a series of tests like (SMTP checks and DNS lookups). For catch-all mail servers, it will notify you if the verification is possible or not.

However, there is a commercial batch email verification tool to check entire lists of email addresses, for example, an Excel sheet. While editing your email, a user can simply test their spam score and the spam score will, in turn, decide the reputation of the user. For Mail Tester pricing is pay-as-you-go. It has some additional technical features like SPF checker, Sender ID CHECK and it is a phone and email support.

2.Email on Acid

The best spam checker for an email with powerful preview tools that test your email until it is perfect. The preview tools you get to check out your email templates in some really exotic email clients like and Orange.Fr. You will get to know how your email will look like before it is delivered. It offers unlimited testing across at least 90+ devices and clients. Additionally, it has a campaign pre-check that you can utilize to test design, check deliverability and measure results.

With Email on Acid, you do not have to switch platforms to edit and test your email. All in one, where you get to acquire more comprehensive email analytics. The email editor enables you to build HTML emails and text edits in real-time. The price ranges from $55 per/month to $85. It also has an SPF /DKIM check, the email and phone are supported. However, it has no sender ID checker or API.


One of the biggest brands in the email rendering test.  That one spam checker that enables you to create your email in the web-based editor and get prompt previews in the 50+ email clients. It sets your infrastructure up for success before you send, you can test links, images, subject lines and load time. It provides hands-on actionable advice on how to fix issues and enhance your email’s chance of reaching the inbox. Hence, there is a 100% guarantee that your emails will make it to the inbox.

Email spam checker list

The best thing about Litmus spam checker is that you get to see when your subscribers opened, if they actually read, skimmed or deleted your email. The pricing is $99 per/month.

In conclusion, a spam checker for email is very useful. It tests, detects, fixes potential delivery issues and optimizes your emails and ensures that there are delivered to the client’s inboxes. They make life easier especially if you are an email marketer. Listed above are some of the best spam checkers you can try out.

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