SOLIDWORKS certification

It is critical to maintain your skills as a professional engineer or CAD technician. Users may become more productive and imaginative in resolving design difficulties by constantly learning new modelling and assessment methodologies.

But, after an engineering difficulty has been overcome, how can a designer assure that their originality and software skill will be recognised? Similarly, how can team leaders discover exceptional designers in their teams?

One of the best ways to address both of these concerns is to become a certified CAD user.

Solidworks Certification

SOLIDWORKS, being one of the most frequently used MCAD systems on the globe, is a great illustration of how certification may set apart an outstanding designer or design engineer from the crowd. You get solidworks certification after taking solidworks training classes and exams.

Associate Certification

Many CAD high school or college students take the SOLIDWORKS Associate test (CSWA) to demonstrate to companies that they can go into a career and be productive on day one. The CSWA is a three-hour practical exam (like all SOLIDWORKS professional certification tests) that covers 3D modelling, design ideas, and sustainable design.

As a tribute to the tests’ excellence, whole states, and even a country, have required the use of these examinations for all CAD students at their institutions. To pass the CSWA, users must obtain a score of 70%. According to Dassault, 65 percent of individuals who take the exam pass, and 102,127 students have achieved their CSWA certification.


Professional Certification

When a user believes that a higher level of CAD certification will benefit their professional career, he goes for  the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional programme (CSWP). The CSWP exam, which lasts 3.5 hours, assesses your abilities to generate components from drawings, alter equations, parameters, and feature order, and design assemblies, among other things.

Unlike the CSWA, the CSWP is divided into three sections, each of which can be completed independently. To pass the CSWP, users must achieve at least 75% on each section of the test. Professional users who take CSWP have a greater passing percentage than CSWA examinees, with 74% achieving certification. In reality, there are 32,328 CSWPs worldwide, each of whom is likely a master in their CAD sector.

Expert Certification

Finally, the Expert exam is the most difficult examination in the SOLIDWORKS certification programme (CSWE). To graduate to the level of SOLIDWORKS Expert, users must first get a CSWP certification and then pass four of the five specific advanced subjects tests.

Each advanced subject test is 90 minutes long and is a thorough assessment of a certain topic inside SOLIDWORKS. To pass a special subjects test, users must properly answer 75 percent of the questions.

After passing the five preparatory examinations for the CSWE, users are presented with an exam that is not only extensive, but also mysterious.

To pass the CSWE exam, users must correctly answer 85 percent of the questions. Oh, and to demonstrate how difficult the CSWE is, Puckett said that only 2,339 SOLIDWORKS users worldwide had earned Expert certification. That is barely 2% of the total number of persons that have a SOLIDWORKS certification (over 110,000).


What Does Certification Mean in Everyday World?

With SOLIDWORKS providing opportunities to confirm your CAD abilities throughout your career, one could ask if certification translates into a greater income, additional employment prospects, or even just the stability of a job.

One of SOLIDWORKS’ flagship customers is Disney Parks and Resorts. According to individuals in charge of employment at Disney, SOLIDWORKS certification will not guarantee you a job, but it will get you an interview. In a competitive employment market where engineers and CAD technicians compete for the most fascinating and cutting-edge positions, getting your foot in the door at a corporation as inventive as Disney says a lot about the certification examinations.



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