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Are you finally considering taking the leap and going solar? Well, congratulations, because this is one of the best decisions you could ever make. About 46% of U.S. homeowners are seriously considering adding solar panels to their homes.

Now that you know you want to go solar, where do you start? How do you find the right solar panels, the best solar installation company, and how much will it cost you? In this guide, we’ll take you through the five steps that will get you to a solar-powered home.

Conduct an In-Depth Research

Solar panel installation is one of the biggest investments you could be making for your home. For this reason alone, you need to conduct further research on all available options so you can make informed decisions. Research on how much you should expect to spend both upfront and every month on expenses.

Research different types of solar panels and how much you can expect to save from switching from electricity to solar. Go the extra mile and research the technology installed on your roof, which includes both the solar panels and the inverters. Both are relatively new technology, and you want to make sure you get the most out of them.

Research different solar installation companies and find out whether your current roof can support solar panels. Research your current and future energy need so you can install the right number of panels. Technically, you should research everything you possibly can understand about solar energy and installation before you make the move.

Get Quotes From Several Solar Panel Companies

You see, quotes will give you a wealth of information like the costs and services involved. Going solar can be frustrating if you get the wrong solar power products. It’s absolutely important for you to get an estimate from several companies to ensure you get high-quality products at reasonable prices.

People who shop around and compare estimates save about 18% of the total cost. When going solar, think about the solar panels and inverters in terms of cost, power, efficiency, aesthetics, and warranty terms.

Choose the Right Installation Company

Apart from manufacturing companies, it’s also important for you to get quotes from installation companies. Finding a quality and reputable solar installer will be the key to a successful installation. Confirm that the company has certificates, licenses, and insurance policies before you hire them.

Think about the right financing option. You could go solar by paying for everything upfront, using a loan, or through a rental agreement. You could lease the solar power panels or get a power purchase agreement.

If you get a loan, compare how much you pay upfront, how much the monthly installations will cost you, and how long the contract will run. Consider who will be responsible for the maintenance as well.

Install Your Solar Panels

The installation company should make a site visit to take any measurements and make sure your roof is in top condition before the installation.

Once you agree on terms and sign the contract, the company will get all necessary permits from the local state governments. With permits in hand, the installation company will schedule a date on which they may complete the entire installation.

Power Your Home

Once the installation is over, the local government may have to do a final inspection before you can finally power your solar energy system. They must make sure that your installation is not only safe but also up to code. After the final check, you’ll have permission to operate, and you can flip the switch and start receiving the benefits of solar panels.

Going Solar: The Steps You Need to Make to Go Solar

Now that you have decided to go solar, these are some of the steps you should take. Start off with conducting thorough research in order to find the right solar energy materials. From there, find the best solar installation company and start enjoying your solar energy.

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