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In today’s global business environment, having soft skills is essential for the growth of your business or organization. Most organizations seek out employees with some set of soft skills to be able to fit into their organization and meet their set expectations. 

Soft skills development courses are essential if you desire to be a sought-after employee. With the right coaches on these courses, you’d gain the adequate skills that will make you stand out amongst other employees. In this article, we want to brief you on soft skills and why it is vital in our current society. 

What are Soft Skills?

One may wonder what exactly these soft skills are, but the truth is, soft skills have no definitive list. However, it covers a wide range of character traits as well as interpersonal skills that is a reflection of how you relate with people. 

The common and most sought after traits and personal skills that most organizations of employers seek out from their prospective employees include communication, conflict resolution, listening, empathy, and so on. 

They also seek other skills like critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability, decision making, time management, and attitude. Your ability to have this set of soft skills gives you an edge over other employees. 

Soft skills are not easy to develop as it has a lot to do with a personal character than knowledge or expertise. It requires your commitment and practice to develop yourself with the soft skills you desire. In a nutshell, when you have the right set of hard skills as well as soft skills, you are employable. 

Importance of Soft Skills

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In this modern age, having the right soft skills works hand in hand with building the right educational background to gain appropriate qualifications. The most popular mantra currently is that instead of worrying about the mechanics of a job alone, learn all the available soft skills at your disposal as it is a pathway to your success. 

Success is inevitable when you focus on self-development. According to a statistic recorded by Harvard University, it was discovered that 80% of the achievements gained by an individual in his or her career is as a result of the soft skills he or she acquired. Only 20% was found to be hard skills. 

Further discoveries even increased the percentage of soft skills to 85% and hard skills just 15% respectively. Note that this does not mean that hard skills are not essential but it proves that soft skills used to be overlooked until now. 

Recently, McDonald’s predicted that about 500,000 people or more will be held back from job sectors in 2021 in the UK due to a lack of soft skills. Hence, this means that if you have not started to develop yourself with the right soft skills to fit into the desired employees, we advise that you start learning as soon as possible. 

Having the right soft skills provides you with an advantage over other job seekers. Most companies and organizations are seeking out employees who are dependable, resourceful, self-motivated, and ethical. 

In the modern workplace, you ought to have these soft skills to thrive and be comfortable all the time. Soft skills help to facilitate and utilize the hard skills you have to their full potential. 


We recommend that you begin to work on these soft skills if you haven’t as most employers look out for the soft skills of a potential employee before hiring them. A good point to start is to learn how to communicate effectively. 

Also, the internet is available to help you learn most of these soft skills with ease. You can always check out the website for more updates on soft skills and learn them online on our courses. 

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