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WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps that have wide appeal amongst the general public, worldwide. It is a popular app that is owned by Facebook. What makes this app to be skyrocketing is its user-friendly features that make life more convenient even to illiterate people.

A few years back, WhatsApp introduced a new feature that allows users to delete the message before the receiver sees it. Messages can be deleted in group chat as well as in individual chat. This feature is absolutely good, especially on the side of the sender in case you made a spelling error, or if you mistakenly sent a message to someone. Other than that if you ever wondered about hacking WhatsApp accounts then, read this guide on how to hack WhatsApp to have more detailed knowledge.

However, if you’re a receiver, you become curious about that deleted message if it has been deleted before you get a chance to read it. Well, if you want to see a deleted message on WhatsApp, this post has a simple and straightforward process that will be of help to you on seeing deleted messages on WhatsApp.

Using Third-Party Applications

There are plenty of third parties, free applications on Google Playstore that allows you to see deleted messages on WhatsApp. Those apps are very helpful, however, they have downsides. Some have complicated features, and others aren’t worth downloading as they will keep on crashing. Furthermore, some third-party apps have certain limitations in such that it becomes impossible to recover those deleted messages.

Apart from that, using a third-party app requires you to give permission for access to your phone’s files. Of which this involves security risks. And some apps are untrustworthy as they aim to collect data of the user’s most important documents and use them to hack accounts.

Even so, they’re some tested and approved third-party apps such as WhatsAppRemoved. Out of all applications that allows you to recover deleted messages, WhatsAppRemoved stands out from the crowd. The steps below will help you on how to set it up.

Steps to get started with WhatsAppRemoved application

Step 1: App Download

WhatsAppRemoved is a free application that can be downloaded on Google Playstore. So what you need is to go there and install the app.

Step 2: Grant Permission

In this step, you should carefully follow the instructions. After downloading the app, what you have to do is to grant permission. You open the app and take it from there in following the instructions.

In the process, you’ll be required to choose the installation method. So you’ve to make sure that you go for a suitable method. From there the system will ask for permission to access your phone’s files, media and photos. Then you’ll just tap on “allow” for granting the app permission to access your phone’s files

After that, a “Notification lister service” will appear.   You will then tap on “Yes” to take you to the “Notification Access” page. Then click on the “Read notification data ”. As the process continues, you tap on “Allow” to complete the setup.

Step 3: Messages Restored

The final stage is to wait for WhatsAppRemoved to recover those deleted messages. This app works in the background to block any incoming WhatsApp chats, so what you have to do is to wait for the app to do its job. After that, the app will automatically notify you about any deleted messages. You’ll then preview those messages from the notification bar.

In addition, WhatsAppRemoved works outside of WhatsApp as well as keeping the tabs of WhatsApp messages on your phone’s notification system. Therefore you’re advised to enable notification alerts on your WhatsApp. If not, WhatsAppRemoved won’t be able to intercept as well as retrieve deleted messages.

See WhatsApp Deleted Messages Using Chat Backup


Sometimes you may delete WhatsApp chats accidentally. With fortune, you can recover your chats through WhatsApp chat backup. You can choose the backup frequency from daily, weekly, as well as monthly. However, the daily backup is highly recommended. The app backups each message by default, at 2 am daily. This little known function is a possible choice as it gives a constant log of every sent and received chats before the next backup occurs.

Steps to Restore Your Deleted Messages Using Chat Backup

  1. Uninstall WhatsApp from your phone. ( Android or iPhone)
  2. Reinstall the application from the app store. ( Google Play Store if you’re using Android)
  3. Login, which is done by agreeing to terms and conditions, and entering your mobile number
  4. Lastly, you restore your chats from backup and your WhatsApp messages will be restored.

Final Thought

After going through this post, you won’t be worried anymore when seeing this text, “This message was deleted“. And you won’t be bothering yourself for the reason why it has been removed since you’ll be having tools in hand to view those deleted chats.

Likewise, you should also balance the equation by avoiding the deleting feature. Make sure you check your chat before pressing a sending button. Since it’s not that all your recipients that are using the tools that allow them to see deleted messages. And some people become offended if they notice that the message was deleted before they read it.

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