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Teachers play a major role in adding knowledge and culture to their students. Knowledge and culture are endlessly dynamic, making teaching essential and challenging at the same time. The success of a student in a working environment has a lot to do with his or her educational background. Hence, a student’s school curriculum must be aligned with the recent expectations of the workplace. 

However, if you’re not into the educational system, you’ll find it difficult to understand the problems within the educational sector. The school curriculum has changed over the years, as what used to be taught a few years back has been revised. School curriculum will continue to change to go inline with new findings and discoveries. 

We have highlighted a few alterations of a  school’s curriculum in recent years. Our International School in Hong Kong will continue to update you on the latest alterations to its school curriculum. Below are our highlights: 

  1. eLearning is now vital to most academic programs

eLearning is no longer restricted to just browsing assignments or questions online. It is now essential to virtually all academic programs. It gives an altered classroom experience as short videos are sent to students, briefing them on what to expect in their upcoming classroom sessions. As a result, it spikes questions from students that will motivate them to research more on the topic. 

school curriculum

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The integration of eLearning into a classroom brings a balance to students when they learn. It is significant to understand that eLearning is not better than actual classroom lectures. They both compensate for each other and make learning more interesting. eLearning eases the work of teachers and students and at the same time improves how teachers and students relate. Also, it avoids limiting student’s access to quality learning experiences. 

  1. Teachers are leading everywhere.

Based on History, teachers are most relevant and have led just within their classroom or a school system. However, this has changed thanks to the alterations in the school’s curriculum. In 2020, teachers now lead through “Teacherpreuneurship,” thereby changing the modalities of how materials used to be created and sold respectively. 

Teachers now share their ideas online and encourage people through social media platforms. Also, they connect to their communities and students in several ways no matter the distance, as long as there’s a good internet connection. 

  1. Media is designed to be duplicated & shared

The innovation of digital devices has changed everything. It helps students to interact with their communities as well as get relevant information on a topic. Also, it promotes personalization and makes knowledge easy to share and communicate at any point in time. Before now, education was not mobile or easy to share but that has changed through digital devices. 

Literacy was designed basically to enable people to know how to think, read, and write. Hence, the innovation of digital devices is justified as it involves reading and writing as well. However, it does a lot more like sharing your ideas, easy transfer of messages in the form of tweets or videos from one person to another. This has made learning easier, and it a big deal to the school curriculum. Hence, requires teachers to make adjustments. 

  1. Mobility matters.

In this modern age, mobility is now a new standard as you can search for information, communicate, purchase things, and so on. Before now, students just go for field trips, but they can now use mobility to walk in many ways that enhance good learning experiences. Without mobile learning, learning may not be efficient as it is now that mobility is incorporated. 

school curriculum

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However, for mobility to work, students have to personally monitor themselves and develop efficient strategies that will work for them. With mobile learning, students can learn how to review content, Skype with other classrooms, connect with professionals, engage themselves with projects, participate in experiments, and so much more. 

With this innovation, learning has changed completely for the good. However, not all teaching is mobile as some teaching and learning cannot be accessible on mobile devices like laptops, phones, tablets, and so on. Nonetheless, they are rare in comparison to mobile learning. 

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