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Worldwide, 4 billion internet users are also Google users. One of Google’s best features is Contacts, which lets users save the contact details of others. Many people use it to record business contacts and friends’ contact details.

Yet, like traditional pen and paper, you can also lose this digital online record by deleting it. The good news is that you can still restore Google Contacts after you’ve deleted them by accident or on purpose.

Do you want to restore a person’s deleted contact details on your Google account? Read our Google Contacts restoration guide to learn how to restore your contacts.

Undo the Last Action or Deletion

One of the easiest ways to get your deleted Google Contacts back is to undo the action. All you have to do is to visit Google Contacts. Look for the Settings button or gear icon at the top right of the window.

Next, click on “Undo changes,” which should be one of the top options in the menu. Google will ask you to choose a timeframe. This timeframe refers to how far back you want to reset your Google contacts list.

The timeframe can reset your Contacts 10 minutes back up to 30 days. For example, you choose one day and select Undo. Google will restore all contacts deleted within the last 24 hours.

This method isn’t effective if you deleted the contact details more than 30 days ago. Google deletes everything in your Trash or Bin folder for good after this timeframe.

Restore Google Contacts Using a Web Browser

This Google Contacts restoration method has the same idea, but it gives you more options. Open Google Contacts and sign in to get started.

Look for the Trash button next to the trash bin icon on the screen. You’ll often find it on the menu on the left side of the page. In here, you’ll see a list of contacts you deleted within the last 30 days.

Next, find the contact or contacts that you want to restore. Hover your mouse over them and check the boxes that will appear next to them. Like the previous method, you only have 30 days to restore it.

Don’t forget to click on Recover after you’ve checked the boxes of all the contacts that you want to restore. Other contact details excluded in the restoration step will disappear after 30 days.

How You Know If You Deleted the Contact More than 30 Days Ago

Not everyone knows when they last deleted a specific Google Contact. Sometimes, your guess can be far off the actual deletion date. The question now is, how do you know if you deleted contact information 30 days ago?

The simple answer is to wait and see what happens after restoring the Google Contacts.

Less than thirty days have passed if the contact details showed up in your old list or bin. What does it mean if you don’t see the contact details after trying the method above? It means the information you were looking for went to the trash bin more than 30 days ago.

Import Contacts From Another Source

There are phone apps that can store all your contacts and their details. If you have this, then you don’t need to walk yourself through the mentioned methods.

The first step is to open Google Contacts on your mobile device.

At the top-left area of the screen, you’ll see the menu icon next to the search bar. Tap on it and look for the Settings icon or option. You’ll see a list of actions, which include Import.

Select “Import” and a source. The source can be a VCF file or your SIM card. Once you’ve selected a source, you’ll receive instructions on importing your contacts.

If you have over one Google account, choose the account to which you’ll import your contacts list. Are you an iPhone user who wants an iOS-specific set of steps? Check out this guide on how to transfer Google Contacts to iPhone now if you are.

What to Remember When Restoring Google Contacts

Sometimes, the contract details you’re looking for won’t resurface ever again. These include data deleted or trashed for more than 30 days. These are contacts you will never find or see again.

Also, be patient when restoring Google Contacts with the first method.

You may feel you can restore Google Contacts without any issues or problems. However, sometimes, these changes don’t reflect right away. You may need to wait a few hours or days before seeing the contact details.

How to Ensure Your Google Contacts List Doesn’t Get Lost Again

Our digital age has brought us a long way past the pen and paper era. Yet, we can lose new contact info with as much ease as writing them on a piece of loose paper. Despite modern technology, many people still press the Delete button by accident.

Create backups to ensure your Google Contacts list doesn’t go anywhere. Save them on a hard drive, flash drive, or even a cloud service.

Also, don’t wait a long time before updating your Google Contacts recopies. Set frequent cloud updates for your Google Contacts. You can also set the app to update the list whenever you add a new contact or change contact details.

By doing these steps, you get the latest record of the contact details of the people you know. You also ensure that the new version of your contact list is on the cloud. Nothing is worse than having a list that’s not up-to-date, even after you’ve set these automatic updates.

Get Your Lost or Deleted Contacts Back with These Methods

Finding your lost Google Contacts can be essential to your career or work project. Restore Google Contacts with the methods we mentioned above. Remember that you can avoid this problem by creating backup copies.

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