You’ll spend $15,000-$25,000 on a home solar system and the installation fee.

So, it’s only logical to look for ways to reduce this cost by considering a DIY solar installation. After all, there are so many resources on the internet on how to install solar panels yourself. Most of these resources will trick you into thinking that solar installation is simple and anyone can do it.

So, it’s a huge gamble to try to install the solar panels yourself as there are so many things that can go wrong.

Keep reading this blog to see reasons why you should NOT DIY a solar installation.

High Risk of a Fire Outbreak

You’re risking your home burning down when you decide to DIY a solar installation. The reason is that you’ve no training on how to properly do the electrical wiring. Besides, you’re likely to follow misleading advice from the DIY solar tutorials you watch online.

So, instead of saving money, you’ll end up suffering massive losses due to a fire outbreak caused by the poor solar installation. To curb this risk, seek the help of the top solar providers near you. You want to find specialists who’ll properly install the solar panels on your roof.

Besides, these specialists will educate you on how to use solar energy in your home safely. You want to know the key things to do to curb the risk of a fire outbreak.

DIY Solar Installation Will Cause Roof Damage

Before you start the DIY solar panel installation, you need to inspect your home’s roof. The idea is to ensure that the roof can support the solar panels’ weight. The problem, however, is that you’ve no clue on how to do this work.

So, you’re highly likely to step in the wrong place when inspecting the roof, thereby causing damage. Or install the solar panels on a weak roof, thereby increasing the risk of the roof collapsing. It’s wise to avoid a DIY home solar installation and hire experts for this work to manage these risks.

You want to find professionals who’ll undertake an extensive roof inspection. The goal is to get information that guides you on the best roof area to install the solar panels.

You Risk Getting Injured

You most likely don’t know the safety guidelines to follow when climbing over your roof for a DIY home solar installation. So, there is a high risk of you falling and getting injured. That’s why you need to look for ways to enhance your safety by avoiding DIY solar installation.

Save Money by Avoiding DIY Solar Installation

Although you assume you’re saving money by opting for a DIY solar installation, in the long run, it’ll be costly. Understand that poor solar installation may cause a fire outbreak; thereby, you’ll end up suffering massive losses. Besides, you risk your safety when you climb over your roof for the solar installation work.

So, to curb these costly risks, it’s prudent to hire a professional solar installation company.

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