According to one study, 64% of people in America said that they have tried CBD.

This means that it could be a great time to be launching a business in CBD.

But where do you start? Keep reading to figure out how to start a business specializing in CBD.

Find Your Niche

First, figure out what type of CBD products you want to sell. If you can find a niche that doesn’t have much competition, your company will do a lot better. 

For example, if you want to cater to pets, you might want to sell pet chewies. You can buy from white label CBD manufacturers in order to repackage them and sell them as your own. 

You’ll also want to figure out if you want to sell trendy stuff or classic stuff. Some popular niches are CBD-infused beverages and foods, supplements, pet products, and CBD cosmetics. 

There are many different types of products you could sell as well.

For example, you can sell drops and sprays, pills and capsules, CBD vapes, and cartridges, tinctures, CBD edibles, topicals, and patches, or more. 

Find Financing

Next, you’ll have to find financing for your business. You can start with finding investors for your business.

There are specific investors that want to invest in new marijuana or CBD businesses. They want to invest in businesses that have a strong business plan as well. 

You should try and find an investor that gives you the flexibility and resources that you’ll need to achieve your business goals.

To start with, you should estimate how much cash you’ll need in order to launch your business. Break down every expense into pre-launch investments and post-launch investments.

Pre-launch investments might be something like inventory restocking, handling and packaging, marketing, taxes, shipping, and any licensure fees that you need to ask. 

You should also plan for any extra unplanned expenses. They will most likely happen, and you’ll need to break them down by each month. 

If you are going to finance the business on your own, estimate how much you’ll have leftover. 

You’ll also need to account for targets for CPA, average order values, a sales conversion rate, customer retention rate, and the customer lifetime value. 

Keep in mind that because there are so many restrictions on federal legalization, so many investors might be hesitant. You may want to consider reaching out to a credit union or bank as well.

Get Licenses

Because of all the issues with the government and CBD, then you need to get licenses as well.

For example, if you’re going to sell CBD on an online business, then you’ll want to get a business license. You’ll also get a resale license if you want to purchase the products from wholesalers.

If you’re going to grow your own CBD, then you need to get a license in order to grow hemp as well. 

Licenses and states are handled at the level of the state, so make sure you look up the requirements for the states you want to launch your business in. 

Understand Laws

The most important law to understand is the Farm Bill of 2018. This bill legalized the production of commercial hemp in the United States. 

However, hemp can’t have more than .3% of THC in it. Anything with a higher percentage of THC will have even more regulations around it. 

The bill also said that CBD that was made from marijuana plants is legal in fifteen different states for recreational usage. In thirty-six states, it’s legal for medicinal usage. 

You’ll most likely have to sell your products without FDA approval. In fact, they’ve only approved one CBD-based drug. 

So when you sell your product, you can’t make any health claims around it. 

Determine Costs

Determine how much you want to sell your products for. This will also take into account what the costs are to produce your product as well.

Sometimes it’s helpful to judge CBD per the milligram. That way, you’re getting the most price possible out of it. CBD might cost anywhere between 4 cents to $3 per milligram. 

However, the brand positioning and the actual product will help you figure out what the price should be for your products.

Start Marketing

Once you come up with a price, you can start marketing your products to sell them. However, even this can be difficult.

The Farm Bill of 2018 legalized CBD a little bit more, but it made it hard to sell these products on online platforms like eBay or Amazon. Because of that, you also can’t do social media advertisements or run paid ads.

All of the growth for your company has to come through organic content that falls under specific guidelines of each platform you advertise on.

To do this successfully, you’ll need to use some creativity. Make your own e-commerce store or open your own actual business. 

You can come up with an organic search strategy, like SEO. You can also use customer loyalty programs. These are both safer than paying for advertisement and then getting banned.

However, check with your state before you come up with your marketing plan.

Learn More About Launching a Business

We know that launching a business can be stressful, but you don’t have to do it all on your own.

Starting a business is just the beginning, and there’ll be more work to do when it’s up and running. Don’t worry, we can help!

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