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How to Make and Keep a New Year’s Resolution?

The best time to learn a new skill, change old habits, unlearn bad habits, relearn and establish new routines is at the start of a year. Every New Year, many people write down their              New Year’s goal ideas. However, not many people make it to March following these resolutions. Even though not all people accomplish their goals, studies show that those who make an effort to make a New Year’s resolution are more likely to actually change their behavior than those who don’t set yearly goals.


It is not always easy to stay disciplined and to work towards achieving your goals. So here is a list of things that you can do to ensure that you make and keep your New Year’s goal ideas.

Create a bucket list

A bucket list will contain the goals that you desire to achieve, and you can even include the timelines. It is more efficient to list these goals in terms of priority and importance. This will remind every time you of your goals every time you come across your list. It is always satisfying to cross off a certain item from the bucket list once you have achieved that goal.

Proper planning is important

When making your New Year’s goals, ensure that you have a plan of how you are going to achieve your goals within the set period of time. This includes having the tools you need to work towards the goal. For example, if your goal is to go to the gym to work out and to keep fit, what will you need to realize this goal? You might have to identify a gym that you want to go to, buy the kits for working out, and most importantly, allocate enough time for that purpose. You can use GoodTrust’s Future Messages to create a video message for yourself that will be automatically sent to you next year. In this video message, you can lay down your goals so that the future you can look at it and feel good about everything you accomplished the past year. 

Be consistent

You can not achieve your goals if you are not consistent in putting in the work. Likewise, you have to put in the work in order to achieve any of your goals. It is not easy, some days are just dull, and you might not want to do the work. But reminding yourself of the reasons why you set that goal and the benefits of achieving it will encourage you to put in the work.

One goal at a time

At the start of the year, the year always seems like an eternity. So many people are tempted to set very many goals and try to achieve them all at once. Well, it is more efficient for you to focus on one goal at a time, especially with short-term goals. This allows you to dedicate enough time and energy to that goal, and it becomes easier and faster to attain this specific goal. It also puts less pressure on you if you focus on one goal at one time, as opposed to when you try to achieve everything at once.


In the course of the year, many people tend to lose sight of their new year’s resolutions. They abandon their goals and fall back to the very habits that they were moving away from. The best way to avoid this is to remind yourself all the time why you started working towards the specific goal and what you stand to gain if you achieve it.

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