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 Everyone wants to feel good about themselves, and going green is certainly one way to do this! But, what about your apartment? Can you make more eco-friendly apartments? 

Absolutely! And, the best part is, installing green light bulbs and green energy sources is the potential money you can save! The EPA estimates that just by switching your light bulbs to LED you could save hundreds of dollars. 

So, why not find out how you can do this too? Keep on reading! 

What Is an Eco-Friendly Apartment Complex? 

Eco-friendly is a term used to refer to a system or environment that does minimal to no harm to the environment. If you were to make your home or apartment complex eco-friendly you will need to adjust several aspects of an old apartment. 

An eco-friendly apartment should work with the environment rather than against it. This means creating an apartment that conserves energy rather than wastes it. 

How can you accomplish this? 

There are many ways, and these ways vary based on where you live. But, generally, the same rules apply. You will want to preserve energy by improving old insulation and windows. This keeps the desired temperature in and the undesired out. 

You will want to update any old lights or electrical devices. Make sure they are energy efficient and energy smart. But, there is more to it than just replacing old light bulbs. 

Sustainable apartment living consists of saving energy and preventing waste. A green apartment complex should not have leaking faucets or drafty windows.

What Are the Benefits of Eco-Friendly Apartments?

One of the main benefits of an eco-friendly apartment is the potential savings you can generate. The less energy your apartment uses the less you will waste on the energy and water bill. 

This is one very evident benefit of an eco-friendly apartment. But, there are other benefits of this system. 

An eco-friendly apartment is also attractive to many potential buyers and renters. They will feel good about living in your apartment knowing they are doing good to the environment. 

Here are the top five ways to improve your apartment complex and make it green!

  1. Repair the Windows

One of the first things you should do to create an eco-friendly apartment is to repair your windows. Windows leach a lot of the air out while also allowing outside air in. 

Poorly maintained windows can lead to wasted money on air conditioning and heating. 

  1. Used or Eco-Friendly Furniture

Furniture can be environmentally friendly. You can also purchase second-hand furniture and save waste! There’s no shame in reusing perfectly good furniture!

Of course, you will want to avoid broken or contaminated furniture. But, if you can get your hands on some fine second-hand furniture then you can be saving money and wasting it!

  1. LED Lights

Change your lights to eco-friendly LED lights. LED lights use significantly less energy than their regular counterparts. To save every time your tenant turns on the lights, switch the bulbs to LED bulbs. 

  1. Solar Panels 

Consider finding out if adding solar panels to your building is a possibility. But, maybe you have no experience with this task. Perhaps you say to yourself, I don’t even know where to find a solar company near me. We’re here to help, don’t worry!

To find a dependable solar panel installation company you should ask for referrals. You can try asking people you know who live in the area and have experience with this. 

Or, you can also ask online forums and Facebook pages. There are many online communities out there willing to help you.

Another useful resource is the website. They provide numerous resources to help you find out where to start!

  1. Compost and Recycle 

If you live in a city that has a recycling and composting system, then you’re all set! But, if not, you may want to look into creating a system of your own. 

Consider working with local waste and farming sectors to create your own reusing and recycling system!

Create Eco-Friendly Apartments

Creating eco-friendly apartments can help make your apartments a more competitive piece of real estate. Your apartment will save you money as well!

This article intends to help those looking for a better living style navigate the change! Check out our website for more information on a diverse set of topics!

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