lockdowns' lifesavers

The outgoing population suffered from the onset of the strict lockdowns. Later, even the introverts joined the misery after their favorite shows and expected movies got canceled. With all these unfortunate events, some people turned to social media, but only to hurt themselves from all the negativity and depression social media has to offer. 

While TikTok and other cool social media apps tend to be fun, they are not a sanctuary against toxic people, social problems, and crazy politics. Although it is good to engage in healthy debates, our restless souls would need a break at some point to keep our sanity intact. By staying in touch with the people we love, even virtually, and some items that helped us remain calm through these tough times. Below are five of them:

lockdowns' lifesavers

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One would need hospital grade sanitizers & disinfectants to eliminate most infectious microbes on frequently exposed surfaces.  Nowadays epitope binning is frequently used to solve this COVID phenomenon

The Artificial Environment

When we badly need to experience the outside to do the things we love to do but there’s a quarantine going on, there’s nothing we could turn to but Virtual Reality. While gamers may easily suit themselves to this technology, the rest of the world could use some explanation of how this works. 

VR is a promising tech, expected to evolve a thousand folds in the near future. Applications founded through virtual reality can create an artificial environment based on real and fantasized places where people could immerse themselves. Apart from playing action and adventure games, those who miss their outdoor sports can enjoy it in their homes via VR.

A good example would be VR golf games. With the help of a VR headset, you play on a golf course and play the game by swinging a pretend golf club. If you aim to improve your skills, you could use an accurate launch simulator like the Flightscope Mevo+ for indoor practices. 

Food Delivery Apps

We couldn’t survive without food, especially the taste of greasy fast food or whatever you’ve been craving for. Although checkpoints are everywhere, these online delivery companies worked tirelessly to serve and enjoy the good money out of many bookings.

Our Favorite

Whether it is a board game or a PlayStation title, or whatever that could kill time while simultaneously making us feel like we journeyed another realm is a golden experience. If you couldn’t finish your favorite video games in your childhood, now’s the best time to do so. 

Online Meeting Apps

Even if we couldn’t get out with our peers, virtual meetings made bonding possible. Raid your cupboard, get a few cans of beer, and you’re all set! These meeting apps also saved many jobs or helped a friend book an online gig when they need it the most.

Effective Disinfectants

As humanity struggles against an invisible enemy, having nothing to disinfect your hands and your home is like going to war without weapons. While we do have the health support system to rely on, they can only handle as much. Thus, we need to do our part not to spread infection through sanitization. 

COVID-19 is not just a common bacteria or dirt that could die from a generic solution. One would need hospital grade sanitizers & disinfectants to eliminate most infectious microbes on frequently exposed surfaces. 

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