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The physical currency is fading across the globe due to the emergence of cryptocurrency, cutting the limits of the border. There are many types of crypto available in the market today, and Bitcoin is taking the lead that has given 230% annual returns ever since its inception. Of course, there were ups and downs at times, but those who have invested early in this digital currency are getting handsome returns trading them. Although very recently, the price of cryptocurrencies has plummeted quite a bit and the trading market is still bearish, it is sure to grow soon.

Most countries have not yet formulated any specific guidelines except giving advisories to trade in Bitcoins safely, without falling into illegal transactions. Like the USA, Australia does not consider it physical money or foreign currency. In Australia, the income from cryptocurrency falls under the ambit of capital gain tax. In the United States of America, it is termed MSB or Money Services Business. In the European countries, Union cryptocurrency is exempted from VAT.

The scope of high returns in the short term, the anonymity of the investors, and the ease of trading globally through the best trading platforms and apps make crypto ideal for investment. Therefore, it is time to master the tips and tricks of trading crypto before it is too late and stay in an advantageous position. If you are a new and willing investor for Bitcoin, let us discuss the steps you should take to trade in this new digital currency.

Selecting a Good Trading Exchange 

One should do some research, read the reviews, and ask friends and relatives already trading in Bitcoin and decide on the trading platform. Make sure the exchange you choose deals with various cryptocurrencies and is not limited to a few of the growing currencies or cryptos that might lose the shine or fade out in the future. Remember that all cryptocurrencies will not exist in the long run, and many will perish. Therefore, select any best trading platform like bitcoin south african system so that your investment is safe and gives good returns.

Opening of Account

After selecting the adding platform, it is time for you to open a trading account. It is more or less similar to opening a bank account, and the exchange will verify the credentials of the willing investor and even ask for KYC. They will also inquire about the amount one intends to invest initially, the choice of cryptos, the tax identification number details, and many other documents. After the trading platform is satisfied with the prerequisites, they will open the trading account on their platform.

Putting Money in the Trading Account

After you have opened the trading account in the best exchange, it is time to put some money in your account. As the processes are digital and paperless without any physical interference, one must transfer the find online. One can even move the fund directly from their existing bank account; however, for the same, one should link their bank account with the trading account. One has to wait for some time as per the exchange policy before purchasing the desired crypto and enjoying the benefits.

Buying the Digital Money

When everything is complete as per the trading exchange rule and regulations and transferring a substantial amount in the trading account, it is time to buy the cryptos. First, select the exchange’s cryptocurrencies and purchase the best ones from the lot. For example, Bitcoin is one of the hot cakes followed by Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

Storing the Currency

After you purchase the desired crypto, it is time to store it securely. One should never forget that the agencies do not have the backing of any financial institution; and in most cases, your investments cannot be insured. Since everything is online, chances of hacking are one of the significant issues if the coins are not stored securely. Therefore, it is best to store the crypto in the digital wallet of the platform. One does not get any paper documents, emails, or anything for the purchase, but the coins are code numbers.


Following the above steps, one can easily start investing in crypto and watch the market sentiments to sell their digital codes at the right moment to get good returns. Therefore, it is time to invest in crypto and wait for the best returns possible.

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