Who is Jesse Watters?

Known as one of the closest affiliates of American president Donald Trump, Jesse Watters, is a political commentator of Fox news who co-hosts and hosts THE FIVE and WATTERS’ WORLD SHOW respectively. In the past, Watters was widely recognized for his man-on-the-street interviews that he conducted on his show, WATTERS’ WORLD. 

Jesse Watters has always stayed in the hot news because of the controversial comments that he makes on-air and also regarding his love life and affairs. However, it appears that he has finally gotten married and has settled his life with his wife, who is known by the name of Emma Digiovine.

Emma Digiovine’s early education and background

Emma Digiovine hails from the township, Cranford of New Jersey. She attended the Academy of Saint Elizabeth High School and went to Fairfield University to study journalism after her graduation. During her time at university, Emma was a prominent figure since she was a part of the university student association as the director of the student association. She graduated from university with her bachelor’s degree in 2014.

Although not much is known about the childhood and family background of Emma Digiovine it is believed that she was raised in New Jersey and had a sound childhood where she was provided with all facilities. She had an open-minded family and was allowed to pursue her dreams. She is an American nationality and belongs to the Christian religion.

Before joining Fox News in 2015, Emma had already been in the field of journalism as she had worked for her school magazine and The Mirror. She had also served as an associate editor at The Wainscot media.

Emma has also worked in the modeling industry with the MSA Models. Emma became a part of Fox News as John Stossel’s personal assistant in the February of the year 2015. At that time Emma and Jesse both were working for fox news as Jesse was given a spot on The five after sexual allegations were leveled towards the host of a show on Fox news. In those days, Jesse also started hosting his own program Watters’ World.

People assume that the romantic relationship between Emma and Jesse started when Emma became the associate producer of Jesse’s show i.e Watters World. It was when their relationship started reaching new highs.

There are some allegations that Jesse’s involvement led to his divorce from his ex-wife Noelle. Noelle filed for a divorce in late 2017. Although the couple stated that their relationship began after his ex-wife filed for divorce. In 2018, according to a spokesperson of Fox news, Emma left the Fox news network after she was transferred to The Ingraham Angle when her relationship with Jesse Watters came into the light of the management of the Fox network. 

Emma and Jesse’s Wedding

Emma and Jesse continued being in a relationship even after Emma left her job at Fox News. Jesse’s divorce with his Ex-wife, Noelle, was finalized in March of the year 2019, after which he was free to keep a serious relationship with Emma. Jesse announced his engagement with Emma as he took to Twitter on 25th August 2019 by thanking the couple’s family and friends. They later got married at the end of December 2019. The news of their wedding was also announced on Twitter by Jesse as he said “I’m Watters and this is my wife. #loveyou”. Their marriage took place only after 9 months of finalization of Jesse’s divorce with Noelle. At the time of divorce, they had two children, both daughters. It is reported that at the time of the wedding Jesse was 41 while Emma was 27.

Emma and Jesse’s Wedding

The couple’s conservative ideals

Jesse is a really vocal person who has always somehow landed himself in certain controversies particularly because of his political views and his close affiliation with Donald Trump. Although Emma doesn’t share her views publicly as much as Jesse, it appears that both husband and wife do share similar conservative ideals. Such views of Emma are clear from her social media posts and also her article in Elite Daily, which took a dig at Donald Trump”s opponent, Hilary Clinton. She stated that in her opinion after the elections are over there will be nothing much to talk about as scandals seem really lame in front of Hilary Clinton’s email investigations.

The life and career of both husband and wife have, therefore, always been of great interest to the public. 

Announcement of pregnancy

Sources in close contact with the couple revealed to the daily mail that Jesse Watters is expecting a baby boy with his wife Emma Digiovine in the coming spring. Emma also revealed through social media that they are expecting a child in spring 2021. The 42-year-old Jesse already has twin daughters from his Ex-wife.

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