Neurodiversity movement

For those who don’t know, the neurodiversity movement is all about claiming that autism isn’t a problem which of course is nonsense because we all know what a big deal it is. According to the tenants of the neurodiversity movement, autism is just an alternative form of brain wiring and it’s not a “disease” or a “disorder”. The people who support this movement think that all behavior, expressions, and functions of a person suffering from autism or any other brain disorder is just normal and there’s no need to find a cure for it. 

The internet, however, is divided into this movement and different people have different things to say about it. Now, if you are here right now, it’s obvious that even you are confused about right and wrong but don’t worry because we’ll clear it all out for you. 

For now, you need to understand that this movement and this stance are completely wrong and it’s in fact, dangerous. It’s dangerous, especially for those who are suffering from brain disorders because if this movement continues to grow and become normal, no one will be struggling to find a cure for any neuro-disability. 

The whole point of this movement is to oppose a cure for autism because as said earlier, the people who are supporting neuro-diversity consider autism and all the other brain abnormalities normal. As far as parents of autistic people and autistic people themselves are concerned, well, they aren’t quite happy with this movement because if things like autism become “normal” for the society, there won’t be anyone trying to find a cure for it. 

Neurodiversity movement

In the beginning, the neurodiversity movement just seemed like some cult that was just on the fringes but then in a short time, these people (the supporters of this movement) started tremendous strides. People got worried after an incident in which a law was passed by Congress in the United States that was all about helping autistic people and their families. This law was called the “Combating Autism Act” but right after the law was passed, all the neurodiversity proponents got offended and they started this hashtag on twitter #DontCombatMe. A lot of them wrote to their Senators and Congresspersons which is when the US government took action and changed the name of the law to CARES (Autism Collaboration, Accountability, Resources, Education and Support) Act. 

The neurodiversity movement started right after journalist Steve Silberman wrote and published a book on autism. This book Neurotribes was written from the perspective of neurodiversity. Since then, this concept and movement are growing and it’s no less than a threat to those parents and those people who are suffering from autism, longing for a cure. It’s not just autism, in fact, neurodiversity also normalizes other developmental disabilities like Dyspraxia, ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), Tourette Syndrome and Dyscalculia. 

Honestly, if you think about it, neurodiversity is all about advocating the harsh realities of autism and other such disabilities. Just because no one is able to find a cure yet, the supporters of this movement have normalized this disability and it’s time for people to take action against this movement. 

As said earlier, there are parents of autistic children and patients who have been waiting for a cure for a long time. This movement, on the other hand, is no less than a threat to these people and their patience for waiting for so long. People need to take quick action against neurodiversity and emphasize and focus on finding a cure for all the neuro problems out there. 

By Kenneth

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