Installing Residential Solar Systems: Mistakes and How to Avoid Them











If you’d like to make some remarkable changes to your household, it doesn’t get much better than solar energy. 

Solar energy is sustainable, clean technology that will modernize your home. We’re happy to explain this technology and what you need to do to match up with the right installation company.

With an upgrade this significant, it’s also important that you know what not to do. 

You’ll have an easy time installing residential solar systems when you avoid the mistakes listed below. 

Failing To Research The Solar Installation Service Company

Installing solar panels starts by finding a company that can do the work for you. They will walk you through the process and help you get to know the different solar panel designs available.  

Companies like Blue Raven Solar are proven and trusted. 

When you consult with a trusted professional, you can get all of your questions answered and will also have peace of mind about who you’re going to trust with such a huge project. 

Find out how long they have been in the solar panel business, and ask to see some examples of their previous projects. 

Not Understanding The Technology

Get to know how solar panel systems work so that you completely understand the technology. Learning as much as you can about the technology will help you out when you’re interested in residential solar installation.

These systems work when various panels are installed on your roof to trap energy from the sun. The panels are generally installed at an angle that allows for the best influx of sunlight year-round.

Sun energy is stored using battery technology and converters, and this energy is turned into electricity that you can use throughout your household. A solar panel professional will be able to explain the different types of panels you can shop for, in addition to the ideal models available today. 

You Didn’t Shop Around For The Best Prices

Research the price of this service so that you can set up a solar system budget. 

Too many homeowners get excited about these sustainable advancements but fail to do all of the research required. When you learn how much these solar panel systems are likely to cost, it’s easier for you to come up with a budget that you can stand by. 

Declining The Solar Panel Warranty

The last thing you will do is decline the solar panel warranty that comes with the project. These warranties will often cover you for inspections, preventative repairs, and replacement panels. 

Choose a warranty that covers you for at least your first three years of owning the panels to make sure you got a quality installation.  

Look Into Installing Residential Solar Systems

Avoid the mistakes above when you’re interested in installing residential solar systems. Hire the help of a proven solar installation service contractor to get the best results.

Investing in clean energy will be one of the best decisions that you make for your home. Bookmark our website and check some of our other articles related to home improvement, tech, and more. 

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