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There are plenty of reasons why everyone wants to use an Instagram viewer.

If you are into business, you might want to check out your prospects’ profile. Or check out if people are not saying anything bad about your brand.

Some companies turn to the Instagram viewer so that they can do market research. It might be gathering information they need from influencers or a partner before they grow their relationship.

Whereas, others use the Instagram viewer to see the latest photos posted by their crush or ex-spouse.

Well, if you’re pondering about Instagram viewer you can use this post to help you to choose the one that can work best for you. I’ve featured 5 best and safe Instagram web viewers to view Instagram photos.


Piknu is the best Instagram web viewer that you can use to explore Instagram content. When using any browser, you just enter the username into the search bar. Then you’ll see what Piknu brings. Usually, you can get plenty of accounts that have the name related to the one you’re searching for, so you just select the right one.

When searching for a Piknu site, you have to search directly to “” instead of using the keyword “Piknu”. Because whenever you try to Google search without including “dot com” you may end up clicking on malicious sites.

Piknu is a very helpful tool if you want to see every feature of Instagram post on either your smartphone or desktop. And you don’t have to log in to your Instagram profile. You can simply click on photos that you want to view without anyone knowing that you viewed them


Websta is an Instagram viewer that is known as “Webstagram”. It was once simply an Instagram viewing tool, but it now offers more than that. It allows you to post on your social feed, as well as discovering the most known Instagramers in your area. Also, you can find a brand that’ll inspire you.

Another good part of Websta is that it also allows users to view and check photos or stories as anonymously, without logging in. And you can track popular hashtags of potential influencers on Instagram with Websta.

Additionally, Websta is a social media marketing tool that has both free and paid analytics options. These insights can help you to learn in and out of the engagement of your post along with improving your reach. Website of Websta can be accessed on browser direct to “”.


Picodash is the best Instagram viewer that helps users to identify influencers and to run a marketing campaign. When using Picodach, you just filter content based on date/time, location, like numbers, and hashtags. These advanced filtering options are very helpful when you are gathering information without being identified. Therefore you can easily check your local competitors to see what they do in their stories. And this will help you to understand your community better.

Furthermore, Picodach allows users to download posts and stories from potential influencers. It has paid analytics that gives users more information into a spreadsheet that you can use to do your social media marketing. Information will be filtered according to verified business profiles, business contacts for outreach, and total likes received in order to find influencers along with targeting the audience. Picodash can be accessed on the browser directly to “”.


IG Stories is the best tool that comes from “Upleap dot com”. You can use it for searching influencers along with downloading their content for user-generated content purposes. It is an effective tool that you can use to access Instagram Stories that have been posted by your favorite IG users without being seen.

What you simply do is to type the name you want into the search bar, and IG Stories will show you everything you need, without logging into your IG profile. IG stories can be accessed on browser direct to “”


Insta-stalker is also a well known Instagram viewer. It can be used by companies as well as individuals. You can use it to view stories and user profiles. Insta-stalker has a great feature that helps users to find the most popular Instagram users in a specific niche. This is very useful especially for companies that would like to find influencers to work within their campaigns. Insta-stalker can be accessed on the browser directly to ””.

Final Thoughts

As long as you want to view public accounts, Instagram viewers allow you to view people’s photos, stories, as well as collect information without them knowing that you’ve been hanging around. But you can’t view content on a “private” Instagram account, no matter what tool you can use.

There are some apps that claim that they’re able to give you access to private Instagram accounts anonymously. If you see that kind of app stay away from it. They’re scammers who’ll be collecting your personal information. And they violate the terms and conditions of Instagram.


Even though Instagram viewers on the list will not show you private information, they can help to find some information that you could not track on your own. You can easily check out everything you need. Finally, these mentioned Instagram viewers are not against the laws of Instagram.

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