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The approval of CBD by the FDA for medical use has triggered curiosity in many individuals. They want to understand the types of CBD oil, their health benefits, and dosage and usage guidelines.

If you wish to incorporate CBD oil into your routine, this guide has everything you need to know about how to ingest CBD oil, its uses, and its benefits.

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What Are the Different Types of CBD Oil?

If you have been researching CBD oil, there are high chances that you have come across the terms Isolate, Full Spectrum, and Broad Spectrum on different CBD products.

It will help to understand how the different products vary. This will help you make a sound decision on which one is best for your needs.

Isolate CBD

As the name suggests, isolate CBD is pure CBD. This means that the oil is free of cannabinoids and terpenes. Therefore, it only takes a small amount to experience the powerful effects of CBD.

CBD isolate is best recommended for individuals who have insomnia. Considering its powerful effects, it is best taken when going to sleep as it may leave you feeling sleepy and tired.

Full Spectrum CBD

Full Spectrum CBD is the most common form of CBD oil. This type of CBD is made of more than cannabidiol. It contains traces of THC terpenes and a range of cannabinoids such as CBA, CBG, and CBDA.

However, most CBD products, including the full spectrum, contain less than 0.3% THC levels. You, therefore, don’t have to worry about psychotic effects after consuming this product.

Broad Spectrum CBD

Broad Spectrum CBD has nearly similar characteristics with Full Spectrum CBD oil in that it contains cannabinoids and terpenes.

The main feature that differentiates the two is that Broad Spectrum has no traces of THC. The component is chemically removed, which affects the effectiveness of this type of CBD oil.

How to Ingest CBD Oil

The ideal way to ingest CBD oil depends on the concentration and strength of the product and the results you hope to get from it. Some of the common ways to take CBD include;


If you prefer taking CBD oil in drops, consider getting a tincture. The oil is held in a bottle with a dropper or spray. You ingest the product by placing drops under your tongue and holding it for some minutes before swallowing.


CBD capsules are an ideal choice for individuals who wish to maintain a consistent amount of CBD compound in the body. The best part is that you can access wholesale CBG capsules, especially if you wish to add the product to your daily routine.


CBD oil comes in different forms, including gummies, candies, and cookies. Besides being tasty, CBD edibles are an ideal option for individuals who want to be discrete.

Salad Dressing

You may incorporate CBD oil in your meals routine as a salad dressing. For beginners, start with two to three tablespoons, and build on your dosage as you get used to the CBD effects.


You may use CBD oil in a vaporized form for discretion and fast results. Invest in a good vape pen to enjoy CBD on the go. You have a chance to choose your vape from different flavors. And the best part is that you can use it in public without fear of judgment.

CBD Oil for Health Uses

CBD oil works by influencing a range of receptors in your body, such as opioid and glycine receptors. In return, you can count on CBD oil for pain control and improve your moods.

Other health benefits to expect from CBD oil include:

CBD for Pain Management

Your body has a specialized system known as the endocannabinoid system. The system is liable for regulating a range of functions, including pain sensation.

Upon consuming CBD oil, the product affects the activity of the endocannabinoid receptor in the brain and immune system. The receptors receive chemical signals from different stimuli, triggering the cells to respond.

The response triggers pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory effects. Therefore, CBD oil is an excellent addition to individuals suffering from chronic pain, such as muscle pain, back pain, and arthritis.

The pain management characteristic of CBD is also why it is used during cancer treatment to help patients cope with chemotherapy. The product has also shown positive results in migraine pain relief.

CBD for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are among the common psychiatric conditions, but thankfully, a series of studies have proven CBD oil to be an effective remedy for anxiety disorders.

CBD oil works by calming the nerves, which helps to eliminate stress and alleviate the overall mood of the consumer. The product affects the serotonin levels in the brain. This is a chemical liable for controlling mood and behavior.

With proper consumption, CBD oil reduces anxiety during public speaking. It also works wonders for people with social anxiety disorder, not to forget those suffering from stress-related anxiety.

You must pay attention to CBD dose for anxiety for fast results. The recommended dosage is 300mg to 600mg, especially for people with social anxiety disorder.

CBD Oil and Blood Pressure Management

CBD oil is good for heart health. With proper usage, CBD reduces the chances of heart diseases such as stroke, metabolic syndrome, and heart attack. The product protects heart health by relieving high blood pressure, especially in individuals who experience high blood pressure after stressful events.

The ideal CBD dosage to lower blood pressure is 600mg. It works by boosting the heart’s ability to pump blood efficiently to reduce stroke volume.

Also, as earlier mentioned, CBD lowers stress and anxiety levels. This ability makes CBD oil a great complementary therapy for individuals whose blood pressure is affected by anxiety.

Improve Your Health with Proper CBD Oil Usage

Do you wish to try CBD oil for anxiety, chronic pain, blood pressure, or anxiety? It will help to understand how to ingest CBD oil. Also, take your time to select the best type of CBD and learn the proper dosage for best results.

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