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You feel like your power bill increases a little more each month. No matter what you try, you can’t stop the steady climb. While it’s normal to see a small increase during the summer while you’re trying to keep your home cool, there shouldn’t be a huge difference. 

If your bills keep piling high, it might be time for you to consider switching HVAC systems. There are a lot of them out there to choose from, and not all of them are created equal. 

They all come with their own set of benefits. Keep reading to learn more about the HVAC industry and find out what kind of heating and cooling system is right for your home. 

Heating and Cooling Split System

This is the most common residential HVAC setup there is. The heating and cooling systems are split into two different units.

In most cases, the cooling system rests outside. The components inside the unit keep the cool air in and the hot air out. 

Meanwhile, the system inside the house uses gas to heat things up. It also has a fan that can distribute hot air around. Like with most HVAC systems, you’ll be able to control both units using your thermostat. 

Zones HVAC Systems

If you’re trying to be a smart homeowner and save money, you should opt for a zoned system. Instead of distributing hot/cold air throughout your house, it focuses on individual rooms. 

It does this by using controlling zone valves. It will selectively cut off air from inside your vents. That means you won’t waste energy on heating and cooling rooms that you’re not occupying. 

Hybrid Split System

Hybrid split systems operate a lot like the regular split HVAC systems. The difference is that it can work with both gas and electric power. You’ll get to choose which option you want to use more. 

Other than that, it uses pretty much everything that a regular split system does. You’ll have your traditional duct and thermostat control. If you want to scent your entire home, you’ll be able to use an AromaTech setup with it. 


If you have a little more money to throw around, we recommend a duct-free system. Due to the complicated installation process, it costs a lot more than the other systems we’ve talked about, but the benefits make it worth it.

The installer will put individual units in all of your rooms. The setup will give you more control over the temperature in your house, which means you’ll get to take advantage of big energy savings. 

Types of HVAC Systems on the Market Today 

Are you tired of large energy bills? Do you experience uneven temperatures throughout your entire house? It might be time for you to switch to a different AC unit. 

There are tons of HVAC systems available for you to choose from. Pick one of the options that you’ve read about here and feel the difference. 

For more tips that will help you change your home for the better, visit the Lifestyle section of our blog. 

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