Single Australians seeking their ideal partner have always accessed a variety of different outlets. There are the traditional socializing outlets, such as the types of trendy bars to be found in uptown Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane or any number of urban centers. They might gravitate to vibrant nightclubs. They could join social clubs or gyms. Increasingly, they are turning to technology to introduce them to compatible individuals. Online dating and other digital outlets have exploded in popularity, and new adult sites in Australia are being launched regularly. With all this diversity of choice, let’s see how the dating landscape has altered over the past decade.

Social media

The advent of sites and apps like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many other examples has had a profound effect on dating. Gone are the days when singles had to meet potential partners face to face. Nowadays people can socialize from home, relaxing with a coffee or glass of wine as they chat with friends, or flirt with others in their social circle. This had led to some friction! It’s not uncommon for social media users to receive friend requests from people from their past life. Ex-partners can easily be tracked down with searches, and providing the initial parting was reasonably amicable, feelings can all too easily be rekindled. Regardless of the current situation. The relaxed vibe of the digital environment makes it easy to interact with a variety of exciting and interesting individuals, making new friends – sometimes with benefits!

Nuanced outlets

There is a site for every possible taste, each diverse aspect of human desire. Previously, dating sites tended to cater for what might loosely be termed ‘vanilla’ relationships. Over the past decade, the choices have gone through the roof. Popping ‘online dating’ into a search engine is likely to produce a torrent of results – there will be a service catering to you.


Sites like Tinder have introduced what might be described as ‘dating shorthand,’ allowing members to make instant decisions about the profiles that appeared on their screens. If they are attracted to someone, they can swipe to the right; if they aren’t, they swipe left. Whenever their decision coincides with a similar move by their opposite number, the way is paved for them to commence flirting. This has led to criticism from some quarters that it is trivialising the dating experience. But there will always be a market for singles who are less interested in someone else’s dazzling wit and personality, and more keen to get their hands on the other person’s body!


Netflix isn’t just a streaming service accessed by almost half the TV-viewing population (a figure rising all the time), it has become synonymous with dating. Where singles would once have been inclined to arrange dates centered around cinemas, bars, coffee shops or restaurants, settling in front of a small screen with refreshments to hand is becoming increasingly popular. Netflix even has its own slang: ‘Netflix and chill’ is now a euphemism for dating activity.

Communication techniques

Dating sites make it so easy for singles to communicate with each other. As well as the traditional methods of emailing, texting or phoning, individuals can connect in forums or chat rooms, or join WhatsApp groups. The advent of video chatting software this decade, such as Skype, Zoom or Facetime, has been rolled out to many dating outlets, allowing singles to enjoy even more vivid flirting. This aspect has also enhanced the experience for singles chatting from far-flung locations.

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