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If you are looking to hire a maid, there are several options you can consider such as maid agencies or you can directly hire the maid as well. The maid agencies will surely cost you a fortune for their services but they will completely set up your maid in your home. If you already have a perfect maid in your mind or someone has suggested to you, you should better go for it after a bit of investigation. This will save you a lot of money as you won’t have to get yourself involved with the maid hiring agencies. Hiring a maid directly sure seems cheaper but you still have to give the transporting charges.

Here are some aspects that you need to consider to hire the best domestic worker for your household chores

Maid agency precautions

Each maid agency has its price chart and services. If you don’t know where to start, you can always obtain information from the Ministry of Manpower in your country. They will provide you a directory of maid agencies available in your country so that you can reach out to one of them to get maid services. The average cost of maid agencies in Singapore is about $1,100.

Whenever you choose a maid agency to get their services, you should obtain some information about their past careers. For instance, you should check out agencies having high retention rates and placement volume. Consider an agency that has lesser transfer rates.

Wages and qualification

Salary or wages depend on the qualification, language skills, and any sort of training certifications the made has acquired. More experienced maid means higher wages. But maids with higher experience can work for you without any hassle and make your life easier.

The recommended maids are Filipinos as they know the English language. If you consider religion as well then go for the one who has the same religion as yours. Select a maid who has experience in the field you require her to work.

General precautions

There are some general precautions that you might need to consider before choosing a maid. First of all, you have to choose a reputable maid agency so that you get a maid who is legally allowed to work in your country. Furthermore, you should know the qualities of your maid including her language skills, training, and her past experiences. The Ministry of Manpower’s website can provide you the information on maids that have been blacklisted or have been complained. Make sure you are not hiring someone who has been involved in any sort of crime in her ex-jobs.

Once you get a perfect maid for your household, the next thing you need to do is to create a friendly environment and make her feel at home. If you’ll make your employees comfortable, they will work for you with all their hearts and soul. You need to follow the rules of maid employment created by the Ministry of Manpower such as giving her a day-off and paying her the legal wage. You need to give her medical coverage as well. t Jeff maid is here to help you find the best and suitable maid for your self see here to know more.

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