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Sleeper is a proud Ukrainian brand launched back in 2014 by two friends, Katya Zubarieva and Asya Varetsa. Having started their fashion path during trying times, the two young entrepreneurs haven’t experienced any doubts regarding their work. They also seem to not have been discouraged by any possible hardships on the way to their brand’s growth. So, it’s unsurprising that now, Kate and Asya, as executives of Sleeper, decided to guide their work towards virtue. That’s why all the sales from this month will be directed to help children in Ukraine. Sleeper believes that every child deserves to have a safe, healthy, and happy childhood, and that’s why the brand can’t stay behind what’s happening in its country of origin as of right now.

Having become widely known as a not-so-sleepwear brand, Sleeper doesn’t stop just maintaining that title. Their production has gone far forward from just casual pajamas. And while the Sleeper party pajama set remains the brand’s signature piece, you will find a lot more clothing options on their website than just that. The brand now also offers:

  • Dresses of all sorts, from loungewear to bridal
  • Jumpsuits
  • Athleisure sets
  • Separate cardigans and pants
  • A variety of shoewear options
  • And even accessories such as gloves, bags, and hair ribbons.

Sleeper has gone far and beyond to extend its fashion influence. It has introduced several collections, such as the Bridal collection, Summer Market capsule, and Party Collection. The brand had even had a Pink October capsule held in support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. As you can see, Sleeper is not only a fashion influencer. It can also be considered to be a brand of strong ideas and views. And if you are interested to learn more about it, just read on!

Sleeper Party Pajama Set – a Solution for any Occasion

We all know the dread of finding the right outfit for the event. And most of the options can’t quite hit the right spot. However, thanks to Sleeper, this process can be as pleasant as it can get. Don’t forget that the brand has reinvented the understanding of casual and party clothes. And its main accomplishment is that it has introduced the notions of comfort and practicality in style. Take for example the feather pajamas – a perfect representation of Sleeper’s Party Collection. This vintage-inspired design, made out of lightweight viscose, is the finest depiction of elegance and simplicity. And the feathery cuffs in the ankle-length trousers add extra chic to the whole outfit. Moreover, this pajama set will be appropriate for a cocktail party, suit & tie dress code, as well as for a simple coffee date or an evening get-together with a group of friends. You can add some jewelry or other details for more sophistication, or dress it down by combining either the top or the bottoms with your casual clothes (sweaters, shirts, jeans, trousers).

The set also comes in white, pink Vichy, blue, and red, for those, who want to add some colors to their wardrobe. And if you are an extreme feathers fan, check out the similar set but with double feathery details. And remember, that all the fuzzy cuffs are detachable, so you will always have a chance to modify your outfit depending on the occasion and your general mood of the day. And don’t forget that by making a purchase this month you can help children in Ukraine have a bit of a better childhood.

Other Fun Outfits

Party pajamas are fun, but Sleeper has also other options for people who might want to explore their style a little further. For example, the black leggings set – an athleisure piece that has conquered the hearts of many customers. This Weekend Chic set featured a squared-neck top with detachable fuzzy cuffs, and cropped slim-fitting bottoms, that also come with fuzzy details. So, feather pajamas by Sleeper aren’t your only choice if you are a fan of such chic details. What’s so unique about this design is that it’s made of recycled, non-see-through polyester. This detail makes the outfit the peak of sustainability. Not to mention that, as with any other Sleeper’s design, this look can also be played up by pairing with classy trousers and a white shirt, or kept relaxed if put together with sneakers and jeans.

There are also many other beautiful unique pieces. Just look at the variety of dresses offered by Sleeper: from the summer-friendly Judas Tree loungewear dress to the Belle picnic-perfect design, to the Paloma linen dress, included in the Bridal capsule. Besides, the brand also offers a bunch of other pieces, that could become additional details to your usual looks, such as Bodouir pants, silk flats, shearling slippers, Matilda clogs, strappy sandals, “not-a-bag” handbag or bambola mini bag, ruffle gloves, silk hairbands, and many others.

Why Sleeper?

Besides sophisticated and stylish outfits, such as loungewear dresses, vintage pajamas, or the black leggings set, aren’t the only attractive things about Sleeper. As we have said before, it is a brand of strong values and ideas. The whole brand was formed around the concept of bringing comfort into style. Kate and Asya wanted to show that even something so simple and relaxed as pajamas can be transformed into a stylish outfit. They proved that fashion can be and should be effortless. Moreover, their designs leave a lot of space for self-expression. You can combine them any way you like, dress up or down – all depending on your imagination and mood. Sleeper is also a brand of quality and sustainability. All their outfits are hand-sewn by professionals and made only out of high-quality materials. 

Generally, this Ukrainian brand has transformed the perception of fashion and also brought in a new niche of clothing items. Sleeper has come a long way to reach success and it now continues to impress with new styles and outfits. And that is what makes this brand so special.

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