Almost every single person in the world knows what “Halal food” means. And for those who don’t know, “halal” is an Arabic word that means “permissible” in the English language. There are certain foods that aren’t halal for Muslims because Muslims follow Islamic laws strictly, especially when it comes to their food. This is the reason they follow the halal diet and that’s what we are here to talk about today. 

“Haraam” is the opposite of “Halal” and it means “forbidden”. Here’s a list of some of the foods and substances that are forbidden in Islam; 

  • Pork
  • Blood 
  • Animals that are slaughtered in the name of someone except God
  • Alcohol 
  • Pig based products and meals 
  • Amphibians and frogs

When it comes to eating fish, most Muslims say that all kinds of fish are halal but some say that there are certain fish types that are forbidden. Thankfully, most food manufacturers now mention whether a food item is halal or not. So if you are a Muslim travelling to some foreign country then there are two things that you can do. First, you can check the label of the food items you buy from the market. If they say “halal” then buy them otherwise don’t. The second and the best option is to opt for Yolo meal plan. Yolo is a healthy and halal food delivery service that will provide you with customized meals that are extremely healthy and finger-licking good! 

What’s  A Healthy Halal Diet Plan? 

We know the importance of halal food for Muslims which is why today we are talking on this topic. Today we are here with a diet plan that’s both, halal and healthy so if you want something nutritious and delicious all at the same time then try this meal plan for one day and we assure you that you’ll have the satisfaction that you are looking for. 


A bowl of cereal that’s high in fibre. (You can have Weetabix, porridge and even Muesli etc). 

Some skimmed milk 

1tsp of sugar 

A cup of coffee/green tea

A glass of fresh juice.


A handful of nuts 

Any fruit 

Any drink (tea, green tea, coffee, water)


Vegetable soup 

2 slices of brown bread 

2 slices of turkey/beef/chicken (as per your choice)

A bowl of mixed salad with some sunflower seeds on top

Low-calorie yoghurt



Any 2 oatcakes of your choice 

Evening Meal 

Lean meat (just as per your choice)

Best alternatives of lean meat are: Pasta, rice, quinoa or a chapati

A lot of vegetables with the meal 


Oatcakes again 

Low-fat cheese 

This is probably the best, healthiest and most halal diet plan that you’ll ever come across. As you can see, there’s nothing hard in this day’s meal plan and each and everything is easily available in the market. If you stick to this diet plan properly, we assure you that you’ll feel light, better and happy about the healthy food you consumed. Also, you can always make changes to this plan and add your own favourites in it to suit your taste. 

There was a time when finding halal food in a foreign country was difficult for Muslims but things have changed now and it’s quite easy. There are even proper healthy food service providers, just like the one we mentioned earlier in the beginning of this article. So if you don’t feel like shopping for groceries and if you are too tired to prepare your own meal then opt for these service providers and we know you won’t be disappointed.

By Kenneth

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